1st Edition

The Co-operative Alternative in Europe The Case of Housing

By Gregory Andrusz Copyright 1999
    317 Pages
    by Routledge

    318 Pages
    by Routledge

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    First published in 1999, this book attempts to understand housing co-operatives in terms of their development over time and their relationships to other types of housing tenure. The book considers them within the framework of the broader co-operative movement and its role in society's overall system of production and exchange. There is an examination of the role of a form of ownership which is neither "private", nor "state" in six countries, and in some cases the fortunes of housing co-operatives seem closely to correlate with periods of political liberalization and crises, heralding a shift in ideological orientation.

    Part 1. From Corporatist State to Co-operative Commonwealth. 1. Conflicts in Political Economy and Social Theory. 2. A Co-operative Culture. Part 2. Russia and the Co-operative Alternative. 3. The Rise and Decline of the Co-operative in Russia. 4. The Co-operative Revival under Gorbachev. Part 3. Housing Co-operatives in Europe. 5. Soviet Russia: The Struggle Against Statism. 6. Marxist GDR: Cycilical Fortunes. Prue Chamberlayne. 7. Socialist Yugoslavia: Embryo of a Co-operative Republic. Lars Nord. 8. Social Democratic Sweden: A Story of Success. Bo Bengtsson.