1st Edition

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Development

Edited By Michelle de Haan, Mark H. Johnson Copyright 2003
    320 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    318 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    How are the experiences of childhood incorporated into the structures of the developing brain, and how do these changes in the brain influence behaviour? This is one of the many questions motivating research in the relatively new field of developmental cognitive neuroscience. This book provides an extensive overview of the methods used to study such questions, and a thorough investigation into the emerging interface between neurobiological and psychological perspectives in the study of typical and atypical cognitive behaviour.
    The Cognitive Neuroscience of Development is a collection of essays written by international experts in the field. It covers not only traditional topics such as language, attention and memory development, but also includes individual chapters covering the theories of neurocognitive development and methods of studying brain activity in young infants and children. There are additional chapters on hormonal influences on brain and behavioural development, gender differences in the brain, and genetic disorders.
    This exceptional series of contributions surveys the study of both cognitive and neural development. The book takes into account brain architecture as well as the behavioural context of development, thus it succeeds in integrating the multiple methods and domains of research that have previously been studied in a more fragmented way. It will be invaluable to upper level students as well as researchers and teachers in Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Paediatrics and related fields.

    Introduction, M. de Haan, M.H. Johnson 1.Mechanisms and Theories of Brain Development, M. de Haan, M.H. Johnson 2. Methods for Imaging the Developing Brain, K.M. Thomas, B.J. Casey 3. Neurobiological Models of Normal and Abnormal Visual Development, J. Atkinson, O. Braddick 4. The Development of Visual Attention and the Brain, J.E. Richards 5. A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective on Early Memory Development, C.A. Nelson, S.J. Webb 6. Neural Substrate of Speech and Language Development, C.M. Leonard 7. The Neural and Functional Development of Human Prefrontal Cortex, M. Luciana 8. Emotion, Cognition and the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Adrenocortical Axis: A Developmental Perspective, E.P. Davis, S.W. Parker, N. Tottenham, M.R. Gunnar 9. Neuroendocrinology: Cognitive Effects on Sex Hormones, S.A. Berenbaum, S. Moffat, A. Wisniewski, S. Resnick 10. Developmental Disorders of Genetic Origin, H. Tager-Flusberg


    Michelle de Haan is a Lecturer in the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Unit at the Institute of Child Health, University College London. Her research focuses on development of visual cognition and memory and their neural correlates. Mark H. Johnson is Director of the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development at Birkbeck College, University of London. He has published over 100 articles and 4 books on brain and cognitive development.