1st Edition

The Cognitive Psychology of Proper Names

    It's on the tip of my tongue, but I can't remember her name." Lots of people have difficulty remembering people's names, even though they can easily recall other information about the person. As memory and retrieval processes are central to cognitive psychology and neuropsychology the study of proper names makes a fascinating and practical focus of study. Using an information processing approach, Valentine, Brennen and Bredart consider evidence from speech production, face recognition and word recognition to develop a new functional model of the production and recognition of people's names.
    This book will be valuable to all those studying cognitive psychology, cognitive neuropsychology and linguistics. It makes a suitalbe text for higher level undergraduates and postgraduates and those engaged in research.

    List of illustrations, Preface, 1. Approaches to proper names, 2. Cognitive properties of proper names, 3. Cognitive models of familiar face recognition and naming, 4. The recognition of proper names, 5. The retrieval of proper names and common names, 6. Lexical access in the production of proper names, 7. Comparisons between lexical access for proper names and common names, 8. Integrating the issues: a framework for name, face, word and object recognition, Bibliography, Name index, Subject index


    Serge Bredart, Tim Brennen, Tim Valentine