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The Cold War in Asia

About the Series

Series Editor: Professor Malcolm H. Murfett

A series of books that both explores and addresses some of the more important questions raised by the Cold War in Asia. This series isn’t confined to single country studies alone, but welcomes contributions from research scholars who are tackling comparative issues within Asia during the time of the Cold War. Quality is our goal and this series reflects this objective by catering for work drawn from a number of disciplines.

If you work in the broad field of Cold War studies don’t hesitate to get in touch with the series editor Professor Malcolm Murfett at King’s College London ([email protected]). Books, both single authored and edited manuscripts, should preferably be within the 60,000 – 100,000-word range, although we are also interested in shorter studies (25,000-50,000 words) that focus on elements of the Cold War struggle in Asia.

If you are working on a project that seems to fit these guidelines, please send a detailed proposal to the series editor. Every proposal will, of course, be subject to strict peer review. If the proposal is supported by experts in the field, it will be our aim to begin publishing the next volumes of this series within a year to eighteen months of the issuing of a contract to the author.

We look forward to hearing from you.

2 Series Titles

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Visual Representations of the Cold War and Postcolonial Struggles Art in East and Southeast Asia

Visual Representations of the Cold War and Postcolonial Struggles: Art in East and Southeast Asia

1st Edition


Edited By Midori Yamamura, Yu-Chieh Li
June 25, 2021

The essays and artworks gathered in this volume examine the visual manifestations of postcolonial struggles in art in East and Southeast Asia, as the world transitioned from the communist/capitalist ideological divide into the new global power structure under neoliberalism that started taking shape...

Information Regimes During the Cold War in East Asia

Information Regimes During the Cold War in East Asia

1st Edition

Edited By Jason Morgan
October 13, 2020

Morgan and his contributors develop the concept of the Information Regime as a way to understand the use, abuse, and control of information in East Asia during the Cold War period. During the Cold War, war itself was changing, as was statecraft. Information emerged as the most valuable commodity, ...

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