1st Edition

The Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell, Volume 3 Toward the 'Principles of Mathematics' 1900-02

Edited By Gregory H. Moore Copyright 1994
    964 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume shows Russell in transition from a neo-Kantian and neo-Hegelian philosopher to an analytic philosopher of the first rank. During this period his research centred on writing The Principles of Mathematics where he drew together previously unpublished drafts. These shed light on Russell's paradox. This material will alter previous accounts of how he discovered his paradox and the related paradox of the largest cardinal. The volume also includes a previously unpublished draft of an early attempt to solve his paradox, as well as the earliest known version of his generalised relation arithmetic. It contains three articles which have never previously been published in English.

    Introduction  Part 1: No-classes theories and substitutional theories 1905 – 06  1. The Theory of Implication [1905–06]  2. On Some Difficulties in the Theory of Transfinite Numbers and Order Types [1905–06]  3. Early Work on the Substitutional Theory [1905]  4. Developing the Substitutional Theory [1906–07]  5. Two Drafts on Substitution [1906]  6. A Paper Withdrawn from Publication [1906]  7. Logic in Which Propositions Are Not Entities [1906]  8. On the Functional Theory of Propositions, Classes and Relations [1906]  9. The Paradoxes of Logic [1906]  10. Multiplicative Axiom [1906]  11. The Paradox of the Liar [1906]  12. List of Propositions [1906]  Part 2: Theories of Truth 1906 – 08  13. Two Reviews of Joachim [1906]  14. On the Nature of Truth [1907]  15. The Nature of Truth [1907]  16. William James’s Conception of Truth [1908]  Part 3: From substitutional theories to the ramified theory of types 1906 – 08  17. Corrections Required in PresentWork [1906]  18. Early Drafts on the Theory of Types [1906–08]  19. Fundamentals [1907]  20. The RegressiveMethod of Discovering the Premises of Mathematics [1907]  21. "If" and "Imply", A Reply to Mr.MacColl [1908]  22. Mathematical Logic as Based on the Theory of Types [1908]  23. Partial Drafts of Principia Mathematica [c.1908]  Part 4: Reviews on foundations of mathematics  24. M. Poincaré’s Science et hypothèse [1906]  25. Two Reviews of MacColl [1906]  26. Review of Pastore, Logica formale dedotta dalla considerazione di modelli meccanici [1906]  27. The Study of Logic [1906]  28. Two Reviews of Meinong [1906–07]  29. Mr. Haldane on Infinity [1908]  Part 5: Other philosophical reviews and writings  30. Is Reason Irrational? [1906]  31. Metaphysics for the Man of Action [1907]  32. Spinoza’sMoral Code [1907]  33. Newton’s Philosophy [1908]  34. Determinism and Morals [1908]  35. Review of Essays, Philosophical and Psychological, in Honor of William James [1908]  36. A Reply to Dr. Schiller [1908]  Appendices  Index


    Gregory H. Moore

    `This will be an invaluable tool for those working on Russell's philosophy, while shedding light on the whole development of the foundations of mathematics around the turn of the century.' - Philosophia Mathematica