1st Edition

The Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell, Volume 6 Logical and Philosophical Papers 1909-13

Edited By John Slater, Bernd Frohmann Copyright 1992
    648 Pages
    by Routledge

    The years covered by this volume of the Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell were among the most productive, philosophically speaking, of Russell's entire career. In addition to the papers reprinted here, he bought Principia Mathematica to its finished form and wrote The Problems of Philosophy, Theory of Knowledge and Knowledge of the External World. In October 1910 he began teaching at Cambridge, having accepted an appointment as lecturer in logic and the principles of mathematics at Trinity College for a term of five years. A year later Ludwig Wittgenstein began to attend his lectures. Within a few months he was influencing Russell's philosophical thinking as much as, or more than, Russell was influencing his.

    Introduction Acknowledgements Chronology Part I. Early Foundational Work 1. Classes 2. Relations 3. Functions Part II. The Zig-Zag Theory 4. Outlines of Symbolic Logic 5. On Functions, Classes and Relations 6. On Functions 7. Fundamental Notions 8. On the Functionality of Denoting Complexes 9. On the Nature of Functions 10. On Classes and Relations Part III. The Theory of Denoting 11. On the Meaning and Denotation of Phrases 12. Dependent Variables and Denotation 13. Points about Denoting 14. On Meaning and Denotation 15. On Fundamentals 16. On Denoting Part IV. Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics 17. Meinong's Theory of Complexes and Assumptions 18. The Axiom of Infinity 19. Non-Euclidean Geometry 20. The Existential Import of Propositions 21. The Nature of Truth 22. Necessity and Possibility 23. On the Relation of Mathematics to Symbolic Logic Part V. Philosophical Reviews 24. Recent Work on the Philosophy of Leibniz 25. Review of Couturat 26. Review of Geissler 27. Principia Ethica 28. The Meaning of Good 29. Review of Delaporte 30. Review of Hinton 31. Review of Petronievics 32. Science and Hypothesis 33. Review of Poincare 34. Review of Meinong and Others Appendices I Frege on the Contradiction II Comments on Definitions of Philosophical Terms III Sur la relation des mathematiques a la logistique Missing and Unprinted Papers Contents Textual Notes Bibliographical Index General Index


    John Slater, Bernd Frohmann