1st Edition

The Collected Works of G. Lowes Dickinson (9 vols)

    1954 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Collected Works of G. Lowes Dickinson reissues nine titles from Dickinson's impressive oeuvre. The titles in question cover a range of topics, from Plato and the Greek view of life to civilisation and the causes of war.

    1. A Modern Symposium  2. Justice and Liberty: A Political Dialogue  3. The Greek View of Life  4. The Meaning of Good: A Dialogue  5. Plato and His Dialogues  6. After Two Thousand Years: A Dialogue between Plato and A Modern Young Man  7. Revolution and Reaction in Modern France  8. The European Anarchy  9. War: Its Nature, Cause and Cure


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