1st Edition

The Collector's Voice Critical Readings in the Practice of Collecting: Volume 3: Modern Voices

    The Collector’s Voice is a major four-volume project which brings together in accessible form material relevant to the history and practice of collecting in the European tradition from c. 1500 BC to the present day. The series demonstrates how attitudes to objects, the collecting of objects, and the shape of the museum institution have developed over the past 3000 years. Material presented includes translations of a wide range of original documents: letters, official reports, verse, fiction, travellers' accounts, catalogues and labels. Volume 1: Ancient Voices, edited by Susan Pearce and Alexandra Bounia Volume 2: Early Voices, edited by Susan Pearce and Kenneth Arnold Volume 3: Imperial Voices, edited by Susan Pearce and Rosemary Flanders Volume 4: Contemporary Voices, edited by Susan Pearce and Paul Martin

    General preface to series, Acknowledgements, Introduction, Susan Pearce, Rosemary Flanders, Mark Hall and Fiona Morton, I National voices, II Institutional declarations, III Voices from the beyond, IV Literary voices, V Dark voices, Bibliography, Index


    Susan Pearce, Rosemary Flanders, Fiona Morton

    'The series is well produced, the proof reading is good...and the authors are to be congratulated on bringing together such a wealth of interesting material...they have created books which are simply a delight to dip into.' International Journal of Heritage Studies '...these volumes...will be a boon to writers in this subject-area as finding-aids to specific passages.' Journal of the History of Collections