1st Edition

The Colonial and Early National Period 1654-1840 American Jewish History

Edited By Jeffrey S. Gurock Copyright 1998

    The first volume contains articles on a variety of areas including Jewish involvement in the War of Independence and in the American Revolution, the New York Jewish Community of the time and a look at the Dutch and English Jews of the period.

    Introduction to the Series, Preface, 1. The American Jew as Soldierand Patriot, 2. Some Jewish Loyalists in the War of American Independence, 3. The Role of the Jews in the American Revolution in Historical Perspective, 4. The Impact of the American Revolution on American Jews, 5. The Political Rights ofthe Jews in the United States: 1776-1840, 6. Maryland's Jew Bill, 7. Light on Early Connecticut Jewry, 8. Asser Levy-A NewLook at Our Jewish Founding Father, 9. Asser Levy and the Inventories of Early New York Jews, 10. Some Aspects of the New York Jewish Merchant and Community, 1654-1820, 11. Colonial Jewry: Religion, Domestic and Social Relations, 12. Mordecai's Fernale Academy, 13. Hebrew at the Early Colleges: Orations at Harvard, Dartmouth, and Columbia, 14. An Estimate and Analysis of the Jewish Population of the United States in 1790, 15. The 1820s: American Jewry Comes of Age, 16. Dutch Jewish Immigration and Religious Life in the Nineteenth Century, 17. The Role of English Jews in the Development of American Jewish Life, 1775-1850, Index


    Jeffrey S. Gurock