1st Edition

The Community of Oil Exporting Countries A Study in Governmental Co-operation

By Zuhayr Mikdashi Copyright 1972

    The Community of Oil Exporting Countries (1972) looks at the oil producing countries of the developing world and their economic reliance on oil. This reliance comes with an unwillingness to leave their economic fate to the vagaries of competition, leading to co-operative schemes that protect them from trade receipt fluctuations. This book is a close reading of the situation, and the resulting co-operative efforts.

    1. The Problem and Its Setting  2. The Protagonists, and the Oligopoly Model  3. Co-operation among Oil Exporting Countries  4. Institutional Aspects of OPEC and OAPEC  5. The Joint Regulation of Production  6. Bargaining for Economic Benefits: Government Revenues  7. Bargaining for Economic Benefits: Terms of Trade  8. The Future of Co-operative Effort


    Zuhayr Mikdashi