1st Edition

The Comparative Approach to National Movements Miroslav Hroch and Nationalism Studies

Edited By Alexander Maxwell Copyright 2012

    Miroslav Hroch’s Social Preconditions of National Revival has profoundly influenced the study of nationalism since it first appeared in English translation, particularly because of its famous three-phase model for describing and analyzing national movements in Eastern Europe. Contributors to this book explore Hroch’s continued relevance to the field of nationalism studies with four case studies and two theoretical/historiographic essays. Two case studies apply Hroch’s thinking to Eastern Europe in light of subsequent historiography, finding that Hroch’s ideas remain useful for understanding national movements in Belarus and among the Kuban Cossacks. Two further studies apply Hroch’s schema to the Mexican independence movement and contemporary Pakistan – times and places that Hroch specifically excluded from his own considerations. The first theoretical contribution seeks to apply Begriffsgeschichte to Hroch’s work; the second suggests that Hroch’s phases form a useful typology of nationalism, thus facilitating communication between different branches of nationalism studies. Hroch ends the volume with his own commentary on the various contributions.

    This book was published as a special issue of Nationalities Papers.

    1. The Comparative Approach to National Movements: Miroslav Hroch and Nationalism Studies  Alexander Maxwell  2. Nation-formation and national movement(s) in Pakistan: a critical estimation of Hroch’s stage theory  Farhan Siddiqi  3. Transplant or graft? Hroch and the Mexican patriotic movements  Henio Hoyo  4. Miroslav Hroch’s model of small nation-formation and Begriffsgeschichte  Oana Sînziana Păltineanu  5. Nationalism and socialism: “Phase D” in the Belarusian nation-building  Nelly Bekus  6. Uninvited guests in the communal apartment: nation-formation processes among unrecognized Soviet nationalities  Ian Appleby  7. Typologies and phases in nationalism studies: Hroch’s A-B-C schema as a basis for comparative terminology  Alexander Maxwell  8. Comments  Miroslav Hroch


    Alexander Maxwell is the author of Choosing Slovakia: Slavic Hungary, the Czech Language and Unintended Nationalism (2009), a study of Slovak nationalism. He has also edited The East-West Discourse: Symbolic Geography and its Consequences (2011) and translated Jan Kollár’s Wechselseitigkeit (2008). He teaches history at Victoria University (Wellington) and directs the Antipodean East European Study Group.