1st Edition

The Comparative Method and Civil-Military Relations

By J. 'Bayo Adekanye Copyright 2025
    534 Pages
    by Routledge

    Comprising critical writings in civil-military relations theory and research, this book of essays integrates the ideas and insights drawn from political science, particularly its subfields of comparative politics, theory and methodology both normative and empirical, with those from the combined disciplines of philosophy of science, history, sociology, and development studies, bringing out the relevance of these ideas and insights for understanding and analysing the issues central to the place and role of military in the Nigerian society.

    This book will be useful to students, academics, journalists and activists working on Nigeria in particular, and Africa in general.

    Print edition not for sale in Nigeria.





    Part One: The Crux of Civil-Military Relations

    Chapter 1: The Military Problem in Comparative Political Analysis

    Chapter 2: Towards Explaining Civil-Military Instability in Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comparative Political Model

    Chapter 3: Reforming the Character of Civil-Military Relations for Democratic Governance in Nigeria After 1999

    Part Two: Insights from Traditional Political and Military Theory

    Chapter 4: Machiavelli and the Military: The Prince and Psychology of Empty Power

    Chapter 5: The Military Aspects of Orthodox Marxist Theory of Revolution: A Contextual Analysis

    Chapter 6: The “Brawn” versus “Brain” Dispute in Contemporary African Civil-Military History and Thought

    Part Three: Styles and Critique of Contemporary Western Political and Military Thinking

    Chapter 7: Critique as Method of Inquiry in Political Science in General

    Chapter 8: Systematic Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge in Civil-Military Relations

    Chapter 9: On the Theory of Modernizing Soldier: A Critique

    Chapter 10: The Concept and Problematic of ‘Non-Western Civil-Military Process': Some Methodological Queries

    Chapter 11: The Role of Armies in and the Problematics of “State- and/or Nation-Building”: A Critical Review of Theories and Cases

    Part Four: Logic of Classification and Comparison in Civil-Military Analysis

    Chapter 12: The Fundamentals of Classification

    Chapter 13: Methodological Note on Typology of Military Organization and Society

    Chapter 14: Military Organization and Federal Society

    Part Five: Data Sources, Methods, and Problems about Researching the Military

    Chapter 15: Sources and Methods for the Nigerian Military Expenditure Data: A Research Note

    Chapter 16: Civil-Military Relations and Public Support for Defense

    Chapter 17: Field Research on African Military Organizations

    Appendix - Researching “The Nigerian Retired

    Military”: The Research Problem, Aims and Objectives/Hypotheses, Data




    J. ‘Bayo Adekanye is Nigerian scholar and professor of Political Science. He was a tenured staff of the Department of Political Science, the University of Ibadan before retiring in 2006. He held teaching combined with research and administrative positions in several institutions, including Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife; University of Lancaster, England; Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; the international peace Research Institute, Oslo, Norway; Kogi State University (now renamed Prince Abubakar of Audu University), and Babcock University, Ogun State.