1st Edition

The Complete Project Management Methodology and Toolkit

By Gerard M. Hill Copyright 2010
    420 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    In the past, an organization’s technical methodologies were expected to fulfill project management process needs. However, they sometimes fell short of applying what is known today as "professional project management" concepts and practices. Written by one of the nation’s most highly regarded project management mentors, The Complete Project Management Methodology and Toolkit delineates a "business-relevant" methodology that can be introduced across different industries and business environments.

    The book describes the ProjectPRISM™ Project Management Methodology, an innovative, matrix-based approach to conducting project management that introduces relevant concepts, practices, and tools in an effective project management solution. Aligned with common business practices, Gerard Hill’s method demonstrates how to develop project plans, keep on schedule, manage budgets, maintain areas of responsibility, and evaluate a project’s progress from concept to completion. The text also offers insight for customizing the methodology to meet the unique needs of individual organizations.

    Project management has emerged as a professional discipline and is coming into the mainstream just when it appears to be most needed in the business environment. Demonstrating that project management, in many ways, is business management, the author provides an exceptional foundation for creating a fine-tuned project management practice and a relevant business solution for every organization.

    Introduction—Project Management Process Overview
    The Four Phases of the ProjectPRISM™ Methodology
    Process Roles and Responsibilities of the ProjectPRISM™ Methodology
    Scaling Projects Using the ProjectPRISM™ Methodology
    Standard Features of the ProjectPRISM™ Process Guide 
    Phase 1: Profile Processes
    Phase 2: Plan Processes
    Phase 3: Perform Processes
    Phase 4 Post Phase Processes

    Introduction—Project Management Practice Overview
    Project Management in the Organization
    Project Management Life Cycle
    The Professional Project Manager
    The Project Management Executive
    The Project Management Office (PMO)
    Project Initiation
    Customer Identification
    Opportunity Identification
    Project Definition Development
    Project Classification Development
    Project Selection
    Project Screening
    Business Case Development
    Resource Allocation
    Final Project Selection
    Project Planning
    Project Requirements Examination
    Technical Solution Development
    Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Construction
    Project Estimating
    Project Cost Estimating
    Project Schedule Estimating
    Project Resource Utilization Estimating
    Project Management Plans
    Project Work Plan Development
    Primary Project Management Plans Development
    Project Support Plans Development
    Project Risk Management
    Risk Assessment
    Risk Response Strategy Preparation
    Risk Management Plan Development
    Project Tracking and Controlling
    Project Performance Analysis
    Project Performance Control
    Project Change Control
    Project Quality and Acceptance Management
    Project Quality Planning
    Project Quality Management
    Project Customer Acceptance
    Project Contract Management
    Proposal Management
    Contract Execution
    Contract Administration
    Project Staffing Management
    Project Staff Structure
    Project Staff Management
    Project Staff Training and Development
    Project Communication Management
    Project Knowledge Management
    Project Stakeholder Management
    Project Communication Implementation
    Project Vendor Relationship Management
    Vendor Information Management
    Vendor Acquisition Management
    Vendor Performance Management
    Project Customer Relationship Management
    Customer Information Management
    Customer Participation Management
    Customer Satisfaction Management
    Project Business Management
    Project Charter Development
    Project Governance and Oversight
    Project Audit Management
    Portfolio Management
    Project Closeout
    Project Lessons Learned Preparation
    Project Termination Management
    Project Evaluation Administration

    Underlying Concepts of Tool Use
    User Preparation (Prerequisites) For Tool Use
    Using the Methodology Toolkit
    Profile Phase Tools
    Customer Profile
    Project Profile
    Staff Profile
    Vendor Profile
    Business Profile
    Management Profile
    Plan Phase Tools
    Customer Plan
    Project Plan
    Staff Plan
    Vendor Plan
    Business Plan
    Management Plan
    Perform Phase Tools
    Customer Performance
    Project Performance
    Staff Performance
    Vendor Performance
    Business Performance
    Management Performance
    Post Phase Tools
    Customer Posting
    Project Posting
    Staff Posting
    Vendor Posting
    Business Posting
    Management Posting
    Appendix: Extended Tool Logs


    Gerard M. Hill

    "... a rich collection of application tools that readers may readily reference and consider without extensive research and evaluation. ... enormously practical and highly useful book-one that offers much to many, one that provides a proven path to project success."
    -- Kenneth H. Rose, PMP, Director, Peninsula Center for Project Management in Hampton, VA, USA, and winner of the 2006 PMI David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award