The Complete Works of W.R. Bion

Edited by
  • Chris Mawson
    training and supervising analyst, British Psychoanalytical Society and private practice, UK

The Complete Works of W. R. Bion is now available in a coherent and corrected format. Comprising sixteen volumes, this edition has been brought together and edited by Chris Mawson with the assistance of Francesca Bion.

Incorporating many corrections to previously published works, it also features previously unpublished papers. Including a general index and editorial introductions to all the works, these volumes will be a useful and valuable aid to psychoanalytic scholars and clinicians, and all those interested in studying and making use of Bion's thinking.

Bion's writings, including the previously unpublished papers and additions to his Cogitations, collected together in the Complete Works, show that the clinical thrust of Bion's work has clear lines of continuity with that of Melanie Klein, just as her work has an essential continuity with the later work of Freud. In Bion's clinical work and supervision the goal remains insightful understanding of psychic reality through a disciplined experiencing of the transference and countertransference; the setting and the method - however much Bion's terminology might suggest otherwise - remains rigorously psychoanalytic.

Volume I The Long Weekend: 1897-1919 (Part of a Life); Volume II All My Sins Remembered: Another part of a LifeThe Other Side of Genius: Family Letters; Volume III War Memoirs 1917-1919; Volume IV The 'War of Nerves' (1940)On Groups (1943)The Leaderless Group Project (1946)Psychiatry at a Time of Crisis (1948)Group Methods of Treatment (1948)Language and the Schizophrenic (1955)Experiences in Groups and Other Papers (1961)Learning from Experience (1962); Volume V Elements of Psycho-Analysis (1963)Taming Wild Thoughts (I): The Grid (1963)Transformations: Change from Learning to Growth (1965); Volume VI Memory and Desire (1965)Catastrophic Change (1966)Second Thoughts: Selected Papers on Psychoanalysis (1967)Notes on Memory and Desire (1967)Attention and Interpretation: A Scientific Approach to Insight in Psycho-Analysis and Groups (1970)Book Reviews (1966); Volume VII Brazilian Lectures:1973 Sao Paulo Lectures1974 Sao Paulo Lectures1974 Rio de Janeiro Lectures; Volume VIII Clinical Seminars:Brasilia 1975Contributions to Panel Discussions: Brasilia, a New Experience (1975)Sao Paulo (1978)Bion in New York and Sao Paulo:New York (1977)Sao Paulo (Ten talks) (1978); Volume IX The Tavistock Seminars (June 1976 - March 1979)The Italian Seminars (1977)A Paris Seminar (July 1978); Volume X Two Papers:The Grid (1971)Caesura (1975)Four Discussions (1976)Four Papers:Emotional Turbulence (1976)On a Quotation from Freud (1976)Evidence (1976)Making the Best of a Bad Job (1979)Interview with Anthony Banet Jnr (1976)Taming Wild Thoughts (II): Untitled (1977); Volume XI CogitationsReview of Cogitations, by Andre Green; Volume XII A Memoir of the Future: Book 1; Volume XIII A Memoir of the Future: Book 2; Volume XIV A Memoir of the Future: Book 3 (with expanded Key); Volume XV Unpublished papers:The Conception of Man (1961)Penetrating Silence (1976)New and Improved (1977)Further Cogitations (1968-1969), Appendix A: The Days of Our Lives (1994), by Francesca Bion, Appendix B: 'Catastrophic Change' and 'Container and Contained Transformed': a comparison, by Chris Mawson, Appendix C: Standardized Bibliography of Bion's Works, compiled by Harry Karnac; Volume XVI References, General Index