266 Pages
    by Routledge

    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1967 and the result of extensive interviews and case studies, this book examines the implications of technical change. Although focussed on the early introduction of computers the kinds of problems discussed in this book are found in technical change more widely and the book therefore continues to have enduring relevance. The book is divided into three parts - an attitude survey of the administrative staff in departments affected by the introduction of computers, a study of the mechanisms of change and a second survey and re-examination of departmental organisation and work flow.


    Part 1: Offices in Transition 

    1. Some Problems of Office Automation

    2. Clerks and Social Change

    Part 2: Our Case Study Firms

    3. The Royal Exchange Bank - The Development of the New Computer Centre

    4. The Royal Exchange Bank - Work Organisation and Staff Attitudes Before the Change

    5. The Royal Exchange Bank - The New Work System

    6. The Royal Exchange Bank - An Analysis After the Change

    7. Carters - The Introduction of a New System

    8. Carters - The Accounts Department

    Part 3: The Analysis of Change

    9. Change and Its Consequences

    10. The Management of Change

    11. A Practical Approach


    Enid Mumford