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    Highlighting the practical and nutritional facts readers want to know, The Concise Encyclopedia covers the whole gamut of foods, health, and nutrition. The topics are arranged alphabetically and cross-referenced, provide alternative names, and are indexed for ease-of-use. The book contains 2,800 entries and includes 1,962 illustrations, 96 of which are full color photographs. It provides 462 tables, the USDA food pyramid, recommended daily allowances of vitamins and minerals, and nutritional analyses of 314 of the most popular fast foods. In addition, it discusses food labeling legislation and offers ways to reduce the chances of death by heart disease, stroke, and cancer through diet and nutrition.

    About the Contributors, Preface, Alphabetical Listings from Abernethy Biscuit to Zymometer.


    Ensminger, Audrey H.; Ensminger, Marion Eugene; Konlande, James E.; Robson, John R.K.