1st Edition

The Conquest of the River Plate (1535-1555) I. Voyage of Ulrich Schmidt to the Rivers La Plata and Paraguai, from the Original German Edition, 1567. II. The Commentaries of Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, from the Original Spanish edition, 1555

Edited By Luis L. Dominguez Copyright 2010

    This is a new edition of the volume first published in 1891. Translated for the Hakluyt Society, and with notes and an introduction, by Luis L. Dominguez, this volume presents the accounts of the first two historians who wrote on the conquest of the Rio de la Plata, which took place in the reign of Charles V, King of Spain and Emperor of Germany.

    The first of these was a German, a native of Straubing, in Bavaria, whose name was Ulrich Schmidt. Schmidt published a narrative of his voyage under the title "Warhafftige und liebliche Beschreibung etclieher fürnemen Indianischen Landschafften und Insulen, die vormals in keiner Chronicken gedacht, und erstlich in der schiffart Ulrici Schmidts von Straubingen, mit grosser gefahr erkündigt, und von ihm selber auffs fleissigst beschrieben und dargethan." The first part of this volume is the book translated into English, for the first time, from the original German, and now published by the Hakluyt Society.

    The second was a Spaniard, native of Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia, named Alvar Nuñez, better known by the surname which he took from his mother, Doña Teresa Cabeza de Vaca. Nuñez published a narrative of the events that had happened to him during his term of office, viz., from 1541 to 1544. This record, the first published on the conquest of the Rio de la Plata and Paraguai, appeared in Valladolid in 1555, under the general title "Relacion y Comentarios de Alcar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca, de lo acaecido en las dos jornadas que hizo à las Indias. The Relacion refers to his adventures in Florida, and was first published in 1542,1 while the Comentarios appeared as a second part of the new edition of his voyages under the title just mentioned. This is the second book contained in the present volume.

    CHAP. I.-Of the Commentaries of ..d.lvar :Xuiiez Cabeza de Vaca !) CHAP. II.-How we departed from the island of Cabo Verde CHAP. III.-,which treats of how the governor arrived with his armada at the island of Santa Catalina in Brazil, and diRembarked his troops there CHAP IV.-How nine Christians came to the island CHAP. V.-How the governor hastened his journey 104 CHAP. YI.-How the governor and his people advanced into the interior CHAP. YII.-Which treats of what happened to the governor and his people on their journey, and of the nature of the land CHAP. VIII.-Of the troubles that the governor and his people underwent on their way, and of a kind of pine tree, and of the fruits of that land CHAP. IX.-How the governor and his people found themselves starving, and appeased their hunger with worms from reeds CHAP. X.-Of the ft-ar the Indians had of the horses CHAP. XI.-How the governor navigated the river Yguazu, in order to avoid a cataract of that river, he transported the canoes one league by hand CHAP. XII.-'Vhich treat& of the rafts that were made to carry the sick CHAP. XIII.-How the governor arrived at the Ascension, where the Spaniards lived whom he had come to relieve CHAP. XIV.-How the Spaniards left behind through sickness on the river Piqucri arrived at the town of ..Iscenl'ion . CHAP. XV.-How the governor, wishing to repeople Buenos Ayres, sent reinforcements to those who had come there on the ship ' Capitana' 1 CHAP. XVI.-How the natives kill and eat their enemies CHAP. XVII. -Of the peace which the governor concluded with the Indian Agazes CHAP. xvm.-Of the complaints addressed to the governor by the problems against the officers of His Majesty CHAP. XIX.--How the governor received complaints against' the Indian Guaycurus CHAP. XX.-How the governor informed himself concerning the complaint CHAP. XXI.-How the governor and his people crossed the river, and how two Christians were drowned CHAP. XXII.-How the. spiei, by order of the governor, went in search of the Guaycurus CHAP. xxm.-How the governor, pursuing the enemy, was informed that he was marching in front CHAP. XXIV.-Of a panic among the Spaniards and Indians caused by a tiger CHAP. XXV.-How the governor and his people overtook the enemy CHAP. XXVI.-How the governor pursued the enemy CHAP. XXVII.-How the governor and all his people returned to the town of Ascension CHAP. XXVIII.-How the Indian .t\gazes broke the peace CHAP. XXIX.-Row the governor set at liberty one of the Captive Guaycurus, and went him to summon his fellow tribesmen CHAP. XXX.-How the Guaycur4s came and submitted to His Majesty CHAP. XXXI.-How the governor, after making peace with the Guaycurus, delivered the Prisoners to them CHAP. XXXII.-How the Aperus caiJ).e and made a treaty of peace and submitted CHAP. XXXIII.-Of the judgment passed on the Agazes by the advice of the monks, captains, and other officers of His Majesty CHAP. XXXIV.-How the governor sent relief to Buenos Ayres CHAP. XXXV.-How the three Spaniards and the Indians returned from their reconnaissance Part contents…. End Chapter CHAPTHER EIGHTY-FOURTH. How they gave arsenic three times to the governor during the voyage.


    Luis L Dominguez (Author)