1st Edition

The Consumer . . . or Else! Consumer-Centric Business Paradigms

By Donald F Dufek, Camille P Schuster Copyright 2004
    190 Pages
    by Routledge

    196 Pages
    by Routledge

    Doing business in today's economy and surviving requires a new paradigm. Who are at the center of this new approach to doing business? CONSUMERS.

    Historically, power struggles have raged between suppliers and distributors. Recently, both parties awakened to the fact that neither of them has the ultimate power . . . it now resides solely with the consumer. This valuable book describes what demassification of the consumer market means and will show you how—and why—businesses must adapt to succeed. Handy charts, tables, and illustrations make the information easy to understand, and fascinating sidebar quotations from well-known leaders of various industries—Sam Walton, Jack Welch, and many more—give the book a unique and memorable flavor.

    “Consumers,” say the authors, “not only demand higher quality and lower prices, but also expect convenient, quick, customized service. They expect in-stock conditions and quality. They demand value and respect. Global markets mean large numbers of consumers, but these consumers want to be treated as individuals, and the mass market no longer exists. Companies in industries from financial services to groceries to consumer goods to health care to hardware to automobiles are adopting these new business processes and winning in the marketplace. Their competitors are falling by the wayside.”

    This essential book:

    • examines the factors that are shaping the current business environment and looks at the re-orientation of today's consumer, presenting global perspectives on these vital issues
    • explores this new consumer-centric approach from the perspectives of suppliers, intermediaries, and retailers, as well as the business processes being used to create more efficient supply chains and more effective demand fulfillment processes
    • shows you the tools that can be used to implement this new business paradigm in the areas of technology, internal business processes, and collaboration
    • answers frequently asked questions
    • shares the success stories of Rite Aid, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Snap-On Tools, National Semiconductor, and others!
    After addressing the issues of why business must change and examining the significance of a global business environment, The Consumer . . . or Else! addresses each element of the new business paradigm:
    • the new role of consumers
    • major players, including the shift in the business processes of retailers and manufacturers and the role of intermediaries
    • new business processes, with a focus on technology, internal coordination, and collaboration
    Companies from Dell Computer to Del Monte are putting consumers first and reaping the sales benefits. General Mills will soon provide consumers with the opportunity to create and name their own custom cereal. As the authors point out, “The business process is changing-changing the way product flows, the way information flows, and the way cash flows. Companies that recognize this need to change will hold huge competitive advantages, and the companies that fail to adapt will simply not be here in the future.” Let The Consumer . . . or Else!: Consumer-Centric Business Paradigms be your guidebook to this challenging new business climate.

    • Foreword
    • Preface
    • Acknowledgments
    • Section I: Rationale
    • Chapter 1. What’s Going On?
    • Factors Shaping Today’s Marketplace
    • What’s Wrong with the Old Paradigm?
    • Chapter 2. Changing Consumers
    • Demassification
    • Consumer Value Equation
    • Paradigm Shift
    • Chapter 3. Global Environment
    • Is Standardization Inevitable? It Depends
    • Adaptation
    • Section II: Elements of the Consumer-Centric Business Paradigm
    • Chapter 4. Suppliers (Suppliers, Producers, Manufacturers)
    • Mission and Strategy
    • Collaboration
    • Consumer and Marketplace Knowledge
    • Chapter 5. Distributors (Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors)
    • A New Business Paradigm
    • Mission and Strategy
    • Collaboration
    • Consumer and Marketplace Knowledge
    • Chapter 6. Intermediaries (Brokers, Agents)
    • Evaluation
    • Shopping Experience
    • Industry Exchanges
    • New Forms
    • Section III: Collaborative Business Processes
    • Chapter 7. Technology
    • Hardware
    • Core Technologies and Standards
    • Business Applications
    • Chapter 8. International Business Processes
    • Structure
    • Tasks
    • People
    • Information
    • Decision Making
    • Rewards
    • Chapter 9. Collaboration
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Process of Collaboration
    • Barriers and Benefits
    • Summary
    • Section IV: Real World Applications
    • Chapter 10. Success Stories
    • Rite Aid
    • Southwest Airlines
    • Starbucks
    • Golden Cat
    • Snap-On
    • Dorothy Lane
    • Giant Eagle and Hubert Co.
    • National Semiconductor
    • EATZI’s
    • Siemens
    • Tesco
    • Otis Elevator
    • Chapter 11. Frequently Asked Questions
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Donald F Dufek, Camille P Schuster