The Control Systems Handbook : Control System Advanced Methods, Second Edition book cover
2nd Edition

The Control Systems Handbook
Control System Advanced Methods, Second Edition

Edited By

William S. Levine

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ISBN 9781420073645
Published December 8, 2010 by CRC Press
1798 Pages 400 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

At publication, The Control Handbook immediately became the definitive resource that engineers working with modern control systems required. Among its many accolades, that first edition was cited by the AAP as the Best Engineering Handbook of 1996.

Now, 15 years later, William Levine has once again compiled the most comprehensive and authoritative resource on control engineering. He has fully reorganized the text to reflect the technical advances achieved since the last edition and has expanded its contents to include the multidisciplinary perspective that is making control engineering a critical component in so many fields.

Now expanded from one to three volumes, The Control Handbook, Second Edition organizes cutting-edge contributions from more than 200 leading experts. The third volume, Control System Advanced Methods, includes design and analysis methods for MIMO linear and LTI systems, Kalman filters and observers, hybrid systems, and nonlinear systems. It also covers advanced considerations regarding —

  • Stability
  • Adaptive controls
  • System identification
  • Stochastic control
  • Control of distributed parameter systems
  • Networks and networked controls

As with the first edition, the new edition not only stands as a record of accomplishment in control engineering but provides researchers with the means to make further advances. Progressively organized, the first two volumes in the set include:

Table of Contents

Analysis Methods for MIMO Linear Systems
Numerical and Computational Issues in Linear Control and System Theory, A.J. Laub, R.V. Patel, and P.M. Van Dooren
Multivariable Poles, Zeros, and Pole-Zero Cancellations, Joel Douglas and Michael Athans
Fundamentals of Linear Time-Varying Systems, Edward W. Kamen
Balanced Realizations, Model Order Reduction, and the Hankel Operator, Jacquelien M.A. Scherpen
Geometric Theory of Linear Systems, Fumio Hamano
Polynomial and Matrix Fraction Descriptions, David F. Delchamps
Robustness Analysis with Real Parametric Uncertainty, Robert Tempo and F. Blanchini
MIMO Frequency Response Analysis and the Singular Value Decomposition, Stephen D. Patek and Michael Athans
Stability Robustness to Unstructured Uncertainty for Linear Time Invariant Systems, Alan Chao and Michael Athans
Trade-Offs and Limitations in Feedback Systems, Douglas P. Looze, James S. Freudenberg, J.H. Braslavsky, and R.H. Middleton
Modeling Deterministic Uncertainty, Jörg Raisch and Bruce Francis
Kalman Filter and Observers
Linear Systems and White Noise, William S. Levine
Kalman Filtering, Michael Athans
Riccati Equations and their Solution, Vladimír Kučera
Observers, Bernard Friedland
Design Methods for MIMO LTI Systems
Eigenstructure Assignment, Kenneth M. Sobel, Eliezer Y. Shapiro, and Albert N. Andry, Jr.
Linear Quadratic Regulator Control, Leonard Lublin and Michael Athans
H2 (LQG) and H Control, Leonard Lublin, Simon Grocott, and Michael Athans
l1 Robust Control: Theory, Computation, and Design, Munther A. Dahleh
The Structured Singular Value (μ) Framework, Gary J. Balas and Andy Packard
Algebraic Design Methods, Vladimír Kučera
Quantitative Feedback Theory (QFT) Technique, Constantine H. Houpis
Robust Servomechanism Problem, Edward J. Davison
Linear Matrix Inequalities in Control, Carsten Scherer and Siep Weiland
Optimal Control, F.L. Lewis
Decentralized Control, M.E. Sezer and D.D. Šiljak
Decoupling, Trevor Williams and Panos J. Antsaklis
Linear Model Predictive Control in the Process Industries, Jay H. Lee
Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems
Computation of Reach Sets for Dynamical Systems, Alex A. Kurzhanskiy and Pravin Varaiya
Hybrid Dynamical Systems: Stability and Stabilization, Hai Lin and Panos J. Antsaklis
Optimal Control of Switching Systems via Embedding into Continuous Optimal Control Problem, Sorin Bengea, Kasemsak Uthaichana, Milos ˇZ efran, and Ray DeCarlo
Adaptive Control
Automatic Tuning of PID Controllers, Tore Hägglund and Karl J. Åström
Self-Tuning Control, David W. Clarke
Model Reference Adaptive Control, Petros Ioannou
Robust Adaptive Control, Petros Ioannou and Simone Baldi
Iterative Learning Control, Douglas A. Bristow, Kira L. Barton, and Andrew G. Alleyne
Analysis and Design of Nonlinear Systems
Nonlinear Zero Dynamics, Alberto Isidori and Christopher I. Byrnes
The Lie Bracket and Control, V. Jurdjevic
Two Timescale and Averaging Methods, Hassan K. Khalil
Volterra and Fliess Series Expansions for Nonlinear Systems, Françoise Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue
Integral Quadratic Constraints, Alexandre Megretski, Ulf T. Jönsson, Chung-Yao Kao, and Anders Rantzer
Control of Nonholonomic and Underactuated Systems, Kevin M. Lynch, Anthony M. Bloch, Sergey V. Drakunov, Mahmut Reyhanoglu, and Dmitry Zenkov
Lyapunov Stability, Hassan K. Khalil
Input-Output Stability, A.R. Teel, T.T. Georgiou, L. Praly, and Eduardo D. Sontag
Input-to-State Stability, Eduardo D. Sontag
Feedback Linearization of Nonlinear Systems, Alberto Isidori and Maria Domenica Di Benedetto
The Steady-State Behavior of a Nonlinear System, Alberto Isidori and Christopher I. Byrnes
Nonlinear Output Regulation, Alberto Isidori and L. Marconi
Lyapunov Design, Randy A. Freeman and Petar V. Kokotović
Variable Structure, Sliding-Mode Controller Design, R.A. DeCarlo, S.H. Źak, and Sergey V. Drakunov
Control of Bifurcations and Chaos, Eyad H. Abed, Hua O. Wang, and Alberto Tesi
Open-Loop Control Using Oscillatory Inputs, J. Baillieul and B. Lehman
Adaptive Nonlinear Control, Miroslav Krstić and Petar V. Kokotović
Intelligent Control, Kevin M. Passino
Fuzzy Control, Kevin M. Passino and Stephen Yurkovich
Neural Control, Jay A. Farrell
System Identification
System Identification, Lennart Ljung
Stochastic Control
Discrete Time Markov Processes, Adam Schwartz
Stochastic Differential Equations, John A. Gubner
Linear Stochastic Input–Output Models, Torsten Söderström
Dynamic Programming, P.R. Kumar
Approximate Dynamic Programming, Draguna Vrabie and Frank Lewis
Stability of Stochastic Systems, Kenneth A. Loparo
Continuous-Time Linear Systems, T.E. Duncan and B. Pasik-Duncan
Probabilistic and Randomized Tools for Control Design, Robert Tempo and Fabrizio Dabbene
Stabilization of Stochastic Nonlinear Continuous-Time Systems, Miroslav Krstić and Shu-Jun Liu
Control of Distributed Parameter Systems
Control of Systems Governed by Partial Differential Equations, Kirsten Morris
Controllability of Thin Elastic Beams and Plates, J.E. Lagnese and G. Leugering
Control of the Heat Equation, Thomas I. Seidman
Observability of Linear Distributed-Parameter Systems, David L. Russell
Boundary Control of PDE’s: The Backstepping Approach, Miroslav Krstić and Andrey Smyshlyaev
Stabilization of Fluid Flows, Miroslav Krstić and Rafael Vazquez
Networks and Networked Controls
Control Over Digital Networks, Nuno C. Martins
Decentralized Control and Algebraic Approaches, Michael C. Rotkowitz
Estimation and Control across Analog Erasure Channels, Vijay Gupta
Passivity Approach to Network Stability Analysis and Distributed Control Synthesis, Murat Arcak

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