1st Edition

The Corporate Transformation of Health Care Part 1: Issues and Directions

By Warren Salmon Copyright 1990
    282 Pages
    by Routledge

    282 Pages
    by Routledge

    The author explores how the corporate transformation of hospitals, HMOs, and the insurance and pharmaceutical industries has resulted in reduction in services, dangerous cost cutting, poor regulation, and corrupt research. He sheds light on the political lobbying and media manipulation that keeps the present system in place. Exposing the shortcomings of reform proposals that do little to alter the status quo, he makes a case for a workable single-payer system. This is an essential read for today's practitioners, policy makers, healthcare analysts and providers, and all those concerned with the precarious state of America's under- and uninsured.

    Preface Vicente Navarro

    Introduction J. Warren Salmon

    PART 1: Background to the Corporatization of Medicine Health Planning as a Regulatory Strategy Louis Tannen

    Business and the Pushcart Vendors in an Age of Supermarkets LindaA. Bergthold

    Profit and Health Care: Trends in Corporatization and Proprietarization J. Warren Salmon

    PART 2: Impacts on Health Care Institutions The Health Maintenance Organization Strategy J. Warren Salmon

    Proprietary Hospital Chains and Academic Medical Centers Howard S. Berliner and Robb K. Burlage

    The Proprietarization of Health Care and the Underdevelopment of the Public Sector David G. Whiteis and J. Warren Salmon

    Corporatization and the Social Transformation of Doctoring John B. McKinly and John D. Stoeckle

    PART 3: International Experiences Multi-national Operations of U.S. For-Profit Hospital Chains: Trends and Implications Howard S. Berliner and Carol Regan

    Corporatization and Deprivatization of Health Services in Canada Bruce J. Fried, Raisa B. Deber, and Peggy Leatt

    Lessons From America: The Commercialization and Growth of Private Health Care in Britain Geof Rayner

    PART 4: Critique of Influences on Popular Thinking Medical History as Justification Rather Than Explanation: A Critique of Starr's The Social Transformation of American Medicine Vicente Navarro

    Physicians as Employees: Stanley Wohl's "The Medical Industrial Complex Joe Feinglass

    Mystery as a Means of Raising Doubts about Health Care for Profit: Sara Paretsky's Bitter Medicine Agatha M. Gallo

    Mindbend against a Corporate Intrusion into Health Care Arthur R. Strobeck, Jr




    Warren Salmon