1st Edition

The Corporate Tribe Organizational lessons from anthropology

By Danielle Braun, Jitske Kramer Copyright 2019

    No challenge is entirely new. In 60,000 years of human existence, nearly every problem we face in modern business has already been seen…and solved. We just have to figure out how to apply that age-old tribal wisdom to our current circumstances.

    The Corporate Tribe will take you on a journey to discover the essence of culture and the secret to successful change programs. Along the way, it will introduce you to the cultural traditions of different people across the globe and provide you with the practical tools you need to apply what you find to today’s organizations. Through thirty compelling stories, The Corporate Tribe will reveal what, deep down, you already know.

    At turns unfamiliar and disruptive, illuminating and inspirational, The Corporate Tribe offers a powerful paradigm and skillset for tackling organizational and leadership challenges in the twenty-first century and beyond. It is a book for leaders, consultants and advisors who are looking for a fresh perspective and proven solutions, for those who want to build strong communities that are safe for diversity and ready for change.

    Danielle Braun and Jitske Kramer are corporate anthropologists. They look at organizations as tribes, organizational charts as kinship systems, leaders as chiefs and mission documents as totem poles. Travel with them to places where spirits linger after death, magic is real and rituals are the key to maintaining order and facilitating transition. You will never look at your organization—or approach its problems—the same way again.

    Part 1 Culture Creates Order from Chaos 1. Where To Find "Organizational Culture" 2. Through the Eyes of the Anthropologist Part II It Happens in the Relationships 3. Relationships with Others in Our Own Group 3.1 Organization Chart as Kinship System 3.2 New Ways of Working 3.3 Rewarding, Punishing and Motivating 4 Relationships with Leaders and Power 5. Relationships with Outsiders, Customers and Competitors 6. Relationships with Time, Space and the Cosmos 7. Relationships with Relationships Part III Cultural Transitions – Building and Moving a Totem 9. Cultural Continuity 10. Cultural Reorientation 11. Cultural Healing 12. Cultural Transformation 14.  I Went on a Journey of Change and I Took with Me…


    Danielle Braun is an expert in the fields of leadership, change and organizational culture. After her studies in African- and Asian witchcraft and religions, she did her Ph.D. in leadership and organizational culture, focusing on the Dutch police force. She has also worked as a consultant and regional director of refugee centers within the Netherlands. Dedicated to deciphering the cultural DNA of organizations and helping leaders fulfill their responsibilities, Danielle shepherds organizations and executives through complex transitions. She seeks to build strong tribes, safe for diversity and ready for change. A highly sought after speaker who takes you on an unforgettable journey, Danielle is co-founder and director of the Culture Academy. She is the co-author of De Corporate Tribe (Dutch Management Book of the Year 2016).

    Jitske Kramer is an expert in the fields of diversity, international teamwork and corporate culture. As a trained ethnographer, she did research in Botswana, Uganda before becoming an organizational consultant. Jitske is dedicated to cracking the code to powerful leadership, while teaching and championing inclusive decision-making processes. It is her desire to fix human fragmentation by (re)connecting people through their differences. She seeks to build strong tribes, safe for diversity and ready for change. A highly sought after speaker who energizes audiences to really make an impact, Jitske is co-founder and director of the Culture Academy. In 2013 she received the "Trainer of the Year" award from the Association of Dutch Training Professionals (NOBTRA). She is the best-selling author of Deep Democracy (Dutch), Managing Cultural Dynamics and Wow! What a Difference, and is co-author of De Corporate Tribe (Dutch Management Book of the Year 2016).