1st Edition

The Correspondence of Robert Boyle, 1636–61 Vol 1

    Robert Boyle (1627-1691) was one of the most influential scientific and theological thinkers of his time. This is the first edition of his correspondence, transcribed from the original manuscripts. It is fully annotated, with an introduction and general index. The four volumes cover the time periods of Volume 1: 1936-91, Volume 2: 1662-5, Volume 3: 1666-7 and finally Volume 4 1668 to 77.

    INTRODUCTION, 1 The Correspondence of Robert Boyle, 2 History of the Publication of Boyle’s Correspondence, 3 Sources, 4 Lost Letters, 5 The Boundaries of this Edition, 6 Editorial Methods, 7 Headers and Footers, Principal Events in the Life of Robert Boyle, THE CORRESPONDENCE OF ROBERT BOYLE, 1636–61


    Michael Hunter (Author) ,  Antonio Clericuzio (Author) ,  Lawrence M Principe (Author)