The Correspondence of Spinoza  book cover
1st Edition

The Correspondence of Spinoza

Edited By

A. Wolf

ISBN 9780367178062
Published March 31, 2021 by Routledge
510 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1928, The Correspondence of Spinoza is deeply interesting in many ways. It presents a pageant of the leading types of seventeenth-century mentality. It affords contemporary glimpses of important scientific researches and discoveries. It brings us into touch with some of the social and political events and tendencies of the period. This book includes correspondent letters containing things of first-rate importance for the correct interpretation of the philosophy of Spinoza.

Table of Contents

Preface. Introduction 1. The Seventeenth Century 2. Descartes and Spinoza 3. Oldenburg, Boyle, and Spinoza 4. The Scientific Background of Spinoza’s Correspondence 5. Hudde, Boxel, Burgh, Leibniz, Tschirnhaus 6. De Vries, Meyer, Balling, Bouwmeester, Jelles, Schuller 7. Blyenburgh, Ostens, Velthuysen, Fabritius, Graevius, Steno 8. The Philosophical Importance of Spinoza’s Correspondence 9. Bibliographical Correspondence Letter I. From Oldenburg II. To Oldenburg III. From Oldenburg IV. To Oldenburg V. From Oldenburg VI. To Oldenburg VII. From Oldenburg VIII. From de Vries IX. To de Vries X. To de Vries XI. From Oldenburg XII. To Meyer XIII. To Oldenburg XIV. From Oldenburg XV. To Meyer XVI. From Oldenburg XVII. To Balling XVIII. From Blyenbergh XIX. To Blyenbergh XX. From Blyenbergh XXI. To Blyenbergh XXII. From Blyenbergh XXIII. To Blyenbergh XXIV. From Blyenbergh XXV. From Oldenburg XXVI. To Oldenburg XXVII. To Blyenburgh XXVIII. To Bouwmeester XXIX. From Oldenburg XXX. To Oldenburg XXXI. From Oldenburg XXXII. To Oldenburg XXXIII. From Oldenburg XXXIV. To Hudde XXXV. To Hudde XXXVI. To Hudde XXXVII. To Bouwmeester XXXVIII. To Van der Meer XXXIX. To Jelles XL. To Jelles XLI. To Jelles XLI. To Jelles XLII. Velthuysen to Ostens XLIII. To Ostens XLIV. To Jelles XLV. From Leibniz XLVI. To Leibniz XLVII. From Fabritius XLVIII. To Fabritius XLVIIIA. To Jelles XLIX. To Graevius L. To Jelles LI. From Boxel LII. To Boxel LIII. From Boxel LIV. To Boxel LV. From Boxel LVI. To Boxel LVII. From Tschirnhaus LVIII. To Schuller LIX. From Tschirnhaus LX. To Tschirnhaus LXI. From Oldenburg LXII. From Oldenburg LXIII. From Schuller LXIV. To Schuller LXV. From Tschirnhaus LXVI. To Tschirnhaus LXVII. From Burgh LXVIIA. Steno to the Reformer of the New Philosophy LXVIII. To Oldenburg LXIX. To Velthuysen LXX. From Schuller LXXI. From Oldenburg LXXII. To Schuller LXXIII. To Oldenburg LXXIV. From Oldenburg LXXV. To Oldenburg LXXVI. To Burgh LXXVII. From Oldenburg LXXVIII. To Oldenburg LXIX. From Oldenburg LXXX. From Tschirnhaus LXXXI. To Tschirnhaus LXXXII. From Tschirnhaus LXXXIII. To Tschirnhaus LXXXIV. To an Unknown Friend. Annotations Index

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