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The Craft of Criminology
Selected Papers

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Published July 30, 2015 by Routledge
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Book Description

Travis Hirschi is one of the most cited criminologists of the twentieth century. His work has provoked controversy and heated debates about the causes of crime, proper research methods, and the most effective policies to prevent and control crime. Known as a spokesperson for social control theory, Hirschi always ties his ideas to the mode of investigation and the mode of investigation to substantive concerns. Theoretical contributions and research methodology have been twin driving forces throughout his career. This book contains representative selections of Hirshi's work over many years.

It is remarkable how little is known about Hirschi's life and career. John H. Laub's introduction combines a discerning account of Hirschi's life and work, accompanied by an interview with the author. Laub's volume covers various topics: methodological issues; principles of casual analysis; criteria of causality; longitudinal research on crime; rules and the study of deviant behavior; correlations between crime and delinquency; control theory of delinquency; intelligence, causes, and prevention of delinquency; family structure and crime; theory of crime; crime and criminality; deviance; white collar crime; and juvenile justice systems.

Now available in paperback, this is an invaluable text for courses in criminology, as well as a valuable addition to professional libraries.

Table of Contents


Introduction: The Life and Work of Travis Hirschi

Part 1: Methodological Issues

1. Principles of Causal Analysis
Travis Hirschi and Hanan C. Selvin
2. False Criteria of Causality in Delinquency Research
Travis Hirschi and Hanan C. Selvin
3. Procedural Rules and the Study of Deviant Behavior
Travis Hirschi
4. The Methodological Adequacy of Longitudinal Research on Crime
Michael R. Gottfredson and Travis Hirschi

Part 2: Causes and Correlates of Crime and Delinquency

5. A Control Theory of Delinquency
Travis Hirschi
6. Hellfire and Delinquency
Travis Hirschi and Rodney Stark
7. Causes and Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency
Travis Hirschi
8. Intelligence and Delinquency: A Revisionist Review
Travis Hirschi and Michael J. Hindelang
9. Age and the Explanation of Crime 143
Travis Hirschi and Michael R. Gottfredson
10. Family Structure and Crime 167
Travis Hirschi

Part 3: A General Theory of Crime

11. The Distinction between Crime and Criminality
Travis Hirschi and Michael R. Gottfredson
12. The Generality of Deviance
Travis Hirschi and Michael R. Gottfredson
13. Causes of White-Collar Crime
Travis Hirschi and Michael R. Gottfredson
14. Control Theory and the Life-Course Perspective
Travis Hirschi and Michael R. Gottfredson

Part 4: Critiques and Policy Proposals

15. Separate and Unequal is Better
Travis Hirschi
16. The True Value of Lambda Would Appear to be Zero: An Essay on Career Criminals, Criminal Careers, Selective Incapacitation, Cohort Studies, and Related Topics
Michael R. Gottfredson and Travis Hirschi
17. Rethinking the Juvenile Justice System
Travis Hirschi and Michael R. Gottfredson
18. National Crime Control Policies
Michael R. Gottfredson and Travis Hirschi


Appendix A: Publications by Travis Hirschi


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