1st Edition

The Creatures Time Forgot Photography and Disability Imagery

By David Hevey Copyright 1992

    First published in 1992, The Creatures Time Forgot examines the representation of disabled people – in advertising, particularly that produced by disability charities, and in the work of photographers such as Diane Arbus and Gary Winogrand. He shows how such images construct disabled people as ‘creatures,’ the tragic-but-brave objects of photographic gaze, or as the ‘’appy ‘andicapped’ of ‘positive imagery’ advertising. As a disabled photographer and writer, David Hevey has been a pioneer in challenging such visual representations of disabled people. His work advocates a move away from medical, charity or impairment-fixated imagery towards a visual equivalent of ‘Rights not Charity’. The book outlines David Hevey’s own photographic practice and includes wide-ranging selections from his work to create a visual form which reflects the new social presence of disabled people. This book will be of interest to students of media studies, cultural studies, and disability studies.

    New Preface List of Plates Foreword Acknowledgements 1. Introduction 2. Social life or medical death? 3. The creatures time forgot: Into the grotto of charity advertising 4. The creatures time forgot: Out of the grotto 5. The enfreakment of photography 6. From angst to anger: the mechanics of idealism 7. Revolt of the species! A theory of subject 8. Towards a disability imagery currency: Cancer and the marks of struggle 9. Towards a disability imagery currency: Little Stephen – infantilism, projection and naturalism in the construction of mental disablement Notes Plates Index


    David Hevey