1st Edition

The Crisi Wartegg System (CWS) Manual for Administration, Scoring, and Interpretation

By Alessandro Crisi, Jacob A. Palm Copyright 2018
    476 Pages
    by Routledge

    476 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Wartegg Drawing Completion Test (WDCT) is a semi-structured, graphic, performance-based personality test, created by Ehrig Wartegg (1939). With a foundation in Gestalt and Psychodynamic theory, the WDCT has been used widely throughout Europe, South America, and Japan, but only recently has become available in the United States. Initial scoring systems for the WDCT were considered cumbersome and lacked research-driven validation. In response to these factors, Alessandro Crisi, following years of clinical practice and research, developed the Crisi Wartegg System (CWS; 1998, 2007), a normed and standardized administration, scoring, and interpretation system for the WDCT. Over the past three decades, Dr. Crisi has refined and expanded the CWS through research, broadening the scope of the measure, and increasing the accessibility of the system to clinicians. This manual provides a comprehensive guide to the CWS, made available to English-speaking clinicians for the first time.

    Chapter 1: History and Development of the Crisi Wartegg System

    Jacob A. Palm & Alessandro Crisi

    Chapter 2: Statistical Foundations of the Crisi Wartegg System

    Jacob A. Palm & Alessandro Crisi

    Chapter 3: Administration

    Chapter 4: Evocative Character

    Chapter 5: Scoring

    Chapter 6: Computation

    Chapter 7: Diagnostic Interpretation

    Chapter 8: Conceptualization




    Alessandro Crisi is an Italian psychologist who lives in Rome where he works as a private professional and teaches at the Sapienza University of Rome. He has written numerous articles and book chapters, and presented at many professional conferences.

    Jacob A. Palm is a licensed clinical psychologist, and founder of the Southern California Center for Collaborative Assessment in Long Beach, California. Dr. Palm is the United States representative of the Istituto Italiano Wartegg.


    This text is the quintessential resource for psychological assessors who wish to incorporate the Crisi Wartegg system of scoring and interpreting the Wartegg Drawing Completion Test into their resource bank of personality assessment instruments. It comprehensively describes the stages of implementing the Crisi Wartegg System from scoring through interpretation in children, adolescents, and adults, and provides a thorough exposition of the rapidly expanding research base for this enormously useful tool. Assessors from neophyte to expert will derive immeasurable benefit from welcoming this book into their libraries.

    Virginia M. Brabender, Ph.D., ABPP

    Professor, Widener University


    Crisi and Palm’s The Crisi Wartegg System is an eloquent, comprehensive step-by-step guide to the administration, scoring, and interpretation of a very important but underappreciated psychological test. Rich in theory, research, and historical context, this book should be required reading for practicing clinicians and researchers alike.

    Robert F. Bornstein, PhD

    Professor of Psychology, Adelphi University


    This book is a monumental gift to psychological assessment! It integrates the large body of research on the Wartegg Drawing Completion Test into a system (the Crisi Wartegg System) that is then itself thoroughly considered and researched. The result is a reliable, valid, and enormously useful performance-based measure that rivals the Rorschach Inkblot Method. The book is a well-organized, detailed, and accessible guide to administration, scoring, and interpretation, including instructive examples. The CWS will play a large role in the future of assessment.

    Hale Martin, Ph.D.

    Clinical Professor, University of Denver