1st Edition

The Crisis Of Modernity Recent Critical Theories Of Culture And Society In The United States And West Germany

By Gunter H. Lenz, Kurt L. Shell Copyright 1986

    The crisis~ of the "project of modernity" (Habermas) is, at the same time, a crisis of critical theories of society and culture that have radically questioned bourgeois culture and capitalist society and economy from the perspective of a utopia of enlightened rationality. A number of parallel recent social and political problems, developments, and

    Introduction -- Critical Theories of Society -- Social Theory in the United States: The Legacy of the Decade 1960–70 -- The Concept of Alienation Reconsidered -- The Challenge to Progress* -- Neocorporatism vs. Representative Democracy -- Why Is There No Corporatism in the USA? -- The Political Processing of Urban Grassroots Demands: A Comparative Exploration of Shifts in the Pattern of Citizen Interest Intermediation (*) -- Mass Media and Mass Culture -- Cheap Stories: Popular Fiction and Working Class Culture in Nineteenth Century America -- The Symbolic Universe of American Forces Television in Germany -- Radical Criticism and Cultural Studies -- A Note on "Myth and Symbol" as Cultural Criticism -- Criticism as an Institution (*) -- The New Radical Criticism and the Limits of Transcendence -- Tradition, Discontinuity, and Counterdiscourse: Some Problems in American Radical Cultural Criticism since the 1960s -- Deconstruction and Postmodernism -- Mapping the Postmodern (*) -- Demarcations: Deconstruction, Institutionalization and Ambivalence -- Psychoanalysis as Deconstruction and Myth: On Gender, Narcissism and Modernity's Discontents (*) -- "The Invisible Hand": Regression, Deconstruction and the Hazards of an "Ecological" Hermeneutics (1)


    GUNTER H. LENZ (1940 2012) was one of the leading scholars of American Studies in Europe and one of the founders of Transnational American Studies. Trained in the famed Frankfurt School he was professor of American literary and cultural studies at Humboldt University in Berlin.