1st Edition

The Crisis of Conservatism The Politics, Economics and Ideology of the Conservative Party, 1880-1914

By E.H.H. Green Copyright 1996
    430 Pages
    by Routledge

    426 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Crisis of Conservatism 1880-1914 offers a new interpretation of Conservative politics in the period 1880-1914 and comes to the startling conclusion that, but for the intervention of the First World War, there may well have been a 'Strange Death of Tory England.'

    Chapter 13 Introduction, E.H.H. Green; Part 1 Questions of Decline, E.H.H. Green; Chapter 1 The Political Economy of Decline, E.H.H. Green; Part 2 The Nature of the Political Problem, E.H.H. Green; Chapter 2 Conservatism and the Empire, E.H.H. Green; Chapter 3 Conservatism and the Propertied, E.H.H. Green; Chapter 4 Conservatism and the Propertyless, E.H.H. Green; Part 3 The Nature of the Response, E.H.H. Green; Chapter 5 Intellectual Prelude, E.H.H. Green; Chapter 6 The Economics of Political Integration, E.H.H. Green; Chapter 7 Imperial Organization, E.H.H. Green; Chapter 8 The Defence of British Agriculture, E.H.H. Green; Chapter 9 The Defence of British Industry, E.H.H. Green; Chapter 10 Social Reform, E.H.H. Green; Part 4 Disintegration, E.H.H. Green; Chapter 11 Disintegration, E.H.H. Green; Chapter 12 Conclusion: The peculiarities of Edwardian Conservatism and problems of Conservative historiography, E.H.H. Greenbio1 Conservative MP Supporting Fair Trade in the 1880s, E.H.H. Greenbio1 Appendix 2, E.H.H. Greenbio1 Appendix 3, E.H.H. Greenbio1 Appendix 4, E.H.H. Green;


    E.H.H. Green is Fellow and Tutor in Modem History at Magdalen College, Oxford. The Crisis of Conservatism was shortlisted for the Longman/History Today Book of the Year award.

    'Although E.H. Green's excellent new book does not once mention John Major, it is impossible not to notice coincidences between his plight five years from the end of the century and Arthur Balfour's five years from its start.' - The Times

    `This massively researched study offers an impressive re-appraisal of British politics in the late Victorian and Edwardian eras ... This is a powerfully sustained argument, based on prodigious learning, and unfolded with elegance, lucidity and wit.' - David Cannadine

    Shortlisted for the 1995 Longman/History Today Book of the Year Award

    'This is a welcome paperback edition of Euan Green's monograph originally published in 1995...a well-written, clearly organised text...' - Alan O'Day,Reviews in History