1st Edition

The Crucible of Christian Morality

By J. Ian H. McDonald Copyright 1998

    The Crucible of Christian Morality explores the notion of Christian ethics and discusses its roots in the teachings of Jesus and also Hellenistic philosophy. Its significance in developing moral standards throughout the world and its stability in the modern world.
    The Crucible of Christian Morality uses new critical perspectives including:
    * the sociology of knowledge
    * and discourse analysis.
    J. Ian H. McDonald challenges conventional approaches by focusing on the behaviour of early Christian communities rather than their texts to shed new light on the nature of Christian morality in its earliest and most formative years.

    Preface; Introduction; Chapter 1 Moral Context; Chapter 2 Moral Interpretation; Chapter 3 Moral Tradition; Chapter 4 Moral Persons; Chapter 5 Morality, Community and Society; Chapter 6 Moral Excellence; Chapter 7 Postscript;


    Ian McDonald is a Reader in Christian Ethics and New Testament Studies at the University of Edinburgh. He is the author of Biblical Interpretation and Christian Ethics (1993) and Christian Values (1995).