1st Edition

The Cultural Complex Contemporary Jungian Perspectives on Psyche and Society

Edited By Thomas Singer, Samuel L. Kimbles Copyright 2004
    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    How do cultural complexes affect the collective psyche?

    Based on Jung's theory of complexes, this book offers a new perspective on the psychological nature of conflicts between groups and cultures by introducing the concept of the cultural complex. This modern version of Jung's idea offers an original view of the forces that prevent human attempts to bring a peaceful, collaborative spirit to conflict between groups.

    Leading analysts and academics from a range of cultural backgrounds present their own perspective on the concept, demonstrating how the effects of cultural complexes can be felt in the behaviour of disenfranchised, oppressed and traumatised groups across the world. Ultimately, a clearer understanding of the source and nature of group conflict is reached through discussion of central subjects including:

    * Collective trauma and cultural complexes
    * Exploring racism: a clinical example of a cultural complex
    * Cultural complexes in the history of Jung, Freud and their followers.

    The Cultural Complex represents a valuable contribution to analytical psychology and will undoubtedly also stimulate dialogue in the fields of sociology, political science and cultural studies.

    Singer, Introduction. Part I: The Cultural Complex in the Psyche of the Group. Singer, The Cultural Complex and Archetypal Defenses of the Group Spirit: Baby Zeus, Elian Gonzales, Constantine's Sword, and Other Holy Wars. Gerson, Malinchismo: Betraying One's Own. Roque, A Long Weekend: Alice Springs, Central Australia. Henderson, The Foot-race for a Prize. Roy, When a Religious Archetype Becomes a Cultural Complex: Puritanism in America. Zoja, Trauma and Abuse: The Development of a Cultural Complex in the History of Latin America. Kawai, Postmodern Consciousness in the Novels of Haruki Murakami: An Emerging Cultural Complex.  Ramos, Corruption: Symptom of a Cultural Complex in Brazil? Samuels, What Does it Mean to Be in 'The West'?: Psychotherapy as a Cultural Complex - 'Foreign' Insights into 'Domestic' Healing Practices. Part II: The Cultural Context in the Psyche of the Group and the Individual. Weisstub, Galili-Weisstub, Collective Trauma and Cultural Complexes. Meador, Light the Seven Fires: Seize the Seven Desires. Kirsch, Cultural Complexes in the History of Jung, Freud and Their Followers. Part III: The Cultural Context in the Psyche of the Individual: Clinical Cases. Kimbles, A Cultural Complex Operating in the Overlap of Clinical and Cultural Space. Morgan, Exploring Racism: A Clinical Example of a Cultural Complex. Beebe, A Clinical Encounter With A Cultural Complex. Part IV: The Cultural Complex and Individuation of the Group. Berg, Ubuntu: A Contribution to the "Civilization of the Universal". Feldman, Towards a Theory of Organizational Culture: Integrating the 'Other' from a Post-Jungian Perspective. Stein, On the Politics of Individuation in the Americas. Illustrations. Diagram of the Psyche as Formulated by Jung. The Image of Baby Zeus Surrounded by the Kouretes. Robert Rauschenberg Print.


    Thomas Singer, Samuel L. Kimbles