3rd Edition

The Cultural Studies Reader

Edited By Simon During Copyright 2007
    576 Pages
    by Routledge

    576 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Cultural Studies Reader is the ideal introduction for students. A revised introduction explaining the history and key concerns of cultural studies brings together important articles by leading thinkers to provide an essential guide to the development, key issues and future directions of cultural studies.

    This fully updated third edition includes:

    • 36 essays including 21 new articles
    • An editor’s preface succinctly introducing each article with suggestions for further reading
    • Comprehensive coverage of every major cultural studies method and theory
    • An updated account of recent developments in the field
    • Articles on new areas such as culture and nature and the cultures of globalization
    • New key thinkers such as CLR James, Gilles Deleuze, Antonio Negri and Edward Said, included for the first time

    The Cultural Studies Reader is designed to be read around the world and deals with issues relevant to each continent

    1. Introduction Simon During  PART 1: THEORY AND METHOD 2. Cultural Studies and Its Theoretical Legacies Stuart Hall 3. The Organization of Education and of Culture Antonio Gramsci 4. The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproduction Walter Benjamin 5. From Work to Text Roland Barthes 6. Field of Power, Literary Field and Habitus Pierre Bourdieu 7. Bourgeois Hysteria and the Carnivalesque Peter Stallybrass and Allon White 8. Culture and Policy Tony Bennett 9. Banality in Cultural Studies Meaghan Morris  PART 2: CULTURE IN SPACE 10. Notes on the New Town Henri Lefebvre 11. Walking in the City Michel de Certeau 12. Space, Power and Knowledge Michel Foucault 13. Politics Gilles Deleuze and Claire Parnet  PART 3: GLOBALISATION/POSTMODERNISM 14. Postmodernization, or the Informatization of Production Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri 15. ‘Naked Bodies’: Experimenting with Intimate Relations Among Migrant Workers in South China Eric Ma and Hau Ling ‘Helen’ Cheng 16. Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy Arjun Appadurai  PART 4: NATIONALISM/POSTCOLONIALISM/MULTICULTURALISM 17. The New Subaltern: A Silent Interview Gayatri Spivak 18. Traveling Theory Reconsidered Edward Said 19. Imagined Communities: Nationalism’s Cultural Roots Benedict Anderson 20. The Crises of ‘Race’ and Raciology Paul Gilroy PART 5: SCIENCE, NATURE & CYBERCULTURE 21. Ideas of Nature Raymond Williams 22. Gramophone Friedrich A. Kittler 23. War of the Worlds Bruno Latour 24. A Cyborg Manifesto Donna Haraway PART 6: SEXUALITY & GENDER 25. The Independent Woman Simone de Beauvoir 26. Upping the Anti (Sic) In Feminist Theory Teresa de Lauretis 27. Subversive Bodily Acts Judith Butler 28. Axiomatic Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick PART 7: CONSUMPTION AND THE MARKET 29. The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer 30. What is Art? C.L.R. James 31. Subculture and Style Dick Hebdige 32. Public Arts Funding: Who Benefits? Justin Lewis 33. History – Spectacle – Resistance Russell A. Potter  PART 8: MEDIA AND PUBLIC SPHERES 34. Encoding, Decoding Stuart Hall 35. Rethinking the Public Sphere: A Contribution to the Critique of Actually Existing Democracy Nancy Fraser 36. The Institutional Matrix of Romance Janice A. Radway 37. The Net and Multiple Realities Jodi Dean Bibliography Index


    Simon During is a Professor of English and Cultural Studies at Johns Hopkins University, USA. He is the author of Cultural Studies: A Critical Introduction (2005); Modern Enchantments: The Cultural Power of Secular Magic (2004) and Foucault and Literature (1992).

    Praise for the 3rd edition - 'a major collection of previously published work... It nevertheless continues to represent a collection of major work in and around the disciplinary intersections that the not-discipline of cultural studies likes to call home. Ultimately, this is one collection that's still worth having on your bookshelf.' - M/C-Reviews