1st Edition

The Cyber Patient Navigating Virtual Informatics

By Rebecca Mendoza Saltiel Busch Copyright 2019
    324 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    322 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    322 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    With the use of electronic health records (EHR) transforming the healthcare industry, the use of information technology in the maintenance of personal health records poses a range of issues and opportunities for every medical organization, The Cyber Patient expertly walks readers through the elements required for an efficient, well-run healthcare record management system, while reflecting the U.S. government’s goal of achieving widespread adoption of interoperable electronic health records to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare while maintaining the levels of security and privacy that consumers expect. The author also provides an update as to where the industry stands in their push of interoperability and the increased use of data as an analytic tools.

    Providing an application readers can adopt as a model, this important book examines the infrastructure of electronic health records and how government criteria have impacted and will continue to impact both private and public marketplaces. This valuable resource also addresses how auditors, controllers, and healthcare providers can keep up with the market’s continued move towards an interoperable e-health world, without neglecting clinical and financial accountability in the delivery of healthcare.

    As e-health continues to develop and transform, The Cyber Patient thoughtfully prepares professionals to plan and implement an effective EHR as wel as internal controls system within any clinical setting.

    About the Author. Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Chapter 1: Navigating Health Informatics Within the Cyber Space. Chapter 2: Transcending Case Management within A Cyber Based Environment. Chapter 3: The Cyber-Nurse Case Manager. Chapter 4: Cyber Data Strategy, Analytics, and Informatics. Chapter 5: Data in the Cyber Environment. Chapter 6: Algorithms. Chapter 7: Cyber Data Driven Health Decisions. Chapter 8: Business Processes and Data Implications. Chapter 9: Evolving from E-Health Systems. Chapter 10: The Data Driven Cyber Patient. Chapter 11: Summary of Key Points in the Book. Chapter 12: Reference Guide. Appendix. Endnotes.


    Rebecca Mendoza Saltiel Busch, RN, MBA, CCM, CFE, CPC, CHS-IV, CRMA, CICA,

    FIALCP, FHFMA, is the founder and chief executive officer of Medical Business Associates, Inc.

    (MBA), established in 1991 as a minority, woman-owned medical data auditing and healthcare

    consulting firm. The author attributes her company’s success to the development and implementation of a unique analytical workflow process—interactive and iterative behavioral model, system, and method for detecting fraud, waste, and abuse—that identifies all critical tasks, conditions, and standards that promote a stable, dynamic, and scalable healthcare business.

    In addition to authoring three books (Healthcare Fraud: Audit & Detection Guidebook,

    Electronic Health Records: An Audit and Internal Control Guide, and Personal Healthcare Portfolio: Your Health & Wellness Record), Rebecca has been granted seven U.S. data analytic design patents (pharmaceutical applications), one U.S. patent pertaining to electronic health record case management systems, and patents pending on an anomaly tracking system and an interactive and iterative behavioral model, system, and method for detecting fraud, waste, and abuse. Rebecca has authored 52 articles and delivered more than 100 presentations to consumers, government, corporate, and professional entities, has prepared academic course work, and serves as an adjunct professor for a healthcare fraud, examination, risk management, and compliance certificate program.

    Recognized as an expert in her field, Rebecca has developed data management practice standards for emerging chief data officers, medical data scientist, and auditors that ultimately support and defend complex issues impacting the bottom line. She currently provides technical investigative, audit, and review expertise to various government agencies and expert testimony on health related issues in both state and federal courts.

    "Evolving technology and a shift to consumer-driven healthcare will continue to transform the industry. The Cyber Patient is a comprehensive exploration into the current and future innovations that leverage cloud-based technology to breakdown information system and database silos. True patient-centric care begins and ends with seamless access to these data. Similar to disruptions in other industries (e.g., Blockbuster vs. Netflix), technology and consumer demands for access and convenience will push organizations to innovate and collaborate in new ways. This book is a must read for healthcare informaticist professionals and health systems leaders looking to position themselves for success in an ever-changing market."

    Dennis R. Delisle, Sc.D, FACHE, Jefferson Health

    Senior Director, Operations- South Philadelphia

    President & CEO, Methodist Hospital Foundation

    Assistant Program Director, Operational Excellence | TJU College of Population Health

    "The Cyber Patient" describes how technology is reorganizing health care toward a new level of interconnectivity. But more importantly, it explains how we can ride these changes to optimize patient-provider relationships, giving us tools and time to effectively listen to patients and individualize care. This book guides us toward the conscious use of e-health to enhance, not replace, the care in healthcare."

    Fran London, MS, RN

    Author of No Time to Teach: The Essence of Patient and Family Education for Health Care Providers

    "The Cyber Patient is another component of the evolution of utilizing technology within healthcare. It demonstrates how providers can now manage patients via virtual visits all within the revenue cycle. Without a doubt it’s definitely the future with IoT but most importantly how we in IT should start preparing for new roles within cyber healthcare environment."

    Donna Hart, former CIO at Cook County Health, 2015 Award recipient of HIMSS HIT award for enhancing patient care through health IT and achieved HIMSS 7 EMR recognition for 2017/2018

    "The Cyber Patient represents a vision and necessary roadmap for healthcare as it transforms into a digital industry. The virtual connection has the promise for connecting and delivering services with a much greater value proposition than traditional models and consistent with other industries. Rebecca hits the nail on the head with the promotion of self-service as the patient becomes the provider through advanced analytics and artificial intelligence and also becomes the destination center for health and services utilizing technology as the primary channel. A must read for those looking to enter into the healthcare field and for those within the industry that want to lead and accelerate the advancement of health."

    Craig Richardville, MBA, FACHE, FHIMSS former Senior Vice President and CIO Carolinas HealthCare System (now called Atrium Health); award recipient CIO of the Year from InspireCIO (2017); HIMSS (2015); Charlotte Business Journal (2013); Most Wired designation (14 years); HIMSS EMR adoption Model Stage 7 (2017)

    "If you find yourself struggling to build a strategy that recognizes the upheavals brought about by the use of information and technology in healthcare, The Cyber Patient digs into the implications for case management, staff roles, payment cycles, organizational efficiency and more. This book unlocks a way of approaching a future in which data is an asset with the power to guide any strategy focused on better care and performance."

    Rod Piechowski, MA, CPHIMS

    Senior Director, HIS

    HIMSS North America