1st Edition

The Dangerous Sex The Myth of Feminine Evil

By Hoffman R Hays Copyright 1964

    First published in 1966, The Dangerous Sex shows how the irrational concept of the "dangerous sex" evolved and how it was – and is – used by man to maintain his dominance. He examines sexual practices and beliefs, marriage customs and rituals, and social behaviour in every society and every age from pre-historic times to the present day. The result is a revealing picture of the deep-seated male hostility that generates the way of the sexes and has fed it throughout human history. It is also a blazing indictment of this ingrained psycho-social pattern, as it unconsciously destroys and disrupts huge areas of human happiness. In this enquiry into misogyny, H. R. Hays suggests that men must face their own compulsions before a true and balanced relation between the sexes is achieved. This book therefore throws a new light on the problems of feminism, the feminine mystique and the whole controversy concerning the place of women in society, and will be of interest to students of literature, gender studies, anthropology and psychology.

    1. Male and Female Men 2. Of Anxiety and Ambivalence 3. The Double Mask of Mana 4. ‘I am Unclean…’ 5. The Perils of Love 6. Men Without Women 7. Pandora’s Box 8. Undone By Sex 9. The Carefree Amorist 10. God’s Eunuchs 11. The Devil’s Mirror 12. ‘As False as Cressid…’ 13. Knights Without Ladies 14. The Female Demon 15. ‘Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live…’ 16. The Serpent of the Nile 17. The Bosom Snake 18. ‘By G-d, I Will Have Her!’ 19. The Beast with the Indolent Air 20. Broad-hipped and Short-legged Race 21. The Femme Fatale 22. The Bell-shaped Woman 23. The Natural Right to Love 24. The Menace of Fulfilment 25. The Diminished Male 26. The Flight from the Female 27. Now and Tomorrow Note Bibliography Index


    Hoffman R. Hays