1st Edition

The Dark Side of the Crescent Moon The Islamization of Europe and its Impact on American/Russian Relations

By Georgy Gounev Copyright 2014
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Dark Side of the Crescent Moon constitutes a historical and political analysis of the growth of radical Islam throughout the world. It shows how the spread of radical Islam in Europe drove the United States and Russia to become allies of necessity, in order to confront a shared danger. Georgy Gounev provides readers with a detailed assessment of the people, countries, and global movements that factor into Islam's mounting threat.

    From the evolution and history of radical Islam to the role of the United States and Russia in the rise of Islam, the author lays out the factors contributing to this global phenomenon. Taking the reader from Chechnya and Kosovo, to Sudan and Somalia, to Afghanistan and Iraq, Gounev explores the motivations that lurk beneath the surface of active conflict, and extend the threat to the shores of Britain, Russia, and even the United States. He illuminates the vast network that is actively transmitting the political and religious dogma of radical Islam. Casting a cold eye on the theocratic fundamentalism emanating from Iran and Saudi Arabia, Gounev sounds an alarm about a growing threat both outside and inside our borders.


    Introduction: The Sunset of the Cold War and the Dawn of Radical Islam

    1 The United States, the Soviet Union, and the Muslim World during World War II
    2 The United States, the Soviet Union, and the Muslim World during the Cold War
    3 On the Road to Al-Qaeda
    4 The Beginning of the Islamization of Europe
    5 The Jihadist Assault on Europe
    6 The Islamo-Totalitarian Challenge to Russia
    7 Iran: The Emergence of the Shia Branch of Theocratic Totalitarianism
    8 America and the Jihadist Axis of Evil
    9 The Jihadist Penetration of America
    10 The American-Russian Divide after the Breakup of the Soviet Union




    Georgy Gounev