1st Edition

The Data-Driven Blockchain Ecosystem Fundamentals, Applications, and Emerging Technologies

Edited By Alex Khang, Subrata Chowdhury, Seema Sharma Copyright 2023
    288 Pages 84 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book focuses on futuristic approaches and designs for real-time systems and applications, as well as the fundamental concepts of including advanced techniques and tools in models of data-driven blockchain ecosystems.

    The Data-Driven Blockchain Ecosystem: Fundamentals, Applications, and Emerging Technologies discusses how to implement and manage processes for releasing and delivering blockchain applications. It presents the core of blockchain technology, IoT-based and AI-based blockchain systems, and various manufacturing areas related to Industry 4.0. The book illustrates how to apply design principles to develop and manage blockchain networks, and also covers the role that cloud computing plays in blockchain applications.

    All major technologies involved in blockchain-embedded applications are included in this book, which makes it useful to engineering students, researchers, academicians, and professionals interested in the core of blockchain technology.

    1. Comprehensive Analysis of Fundamentals, Innovation, and Key Challenges of Blockchain.

    2. Cryptocurrency Methodologies and Techniques.

    3. Framework for Modelling, Procuring, and Building Systems for Smart City Scenarios Using Blockchain Technology and IoT.

    4. Development of a Framework Model Using Blockchain to Secure Cryptocurrency Investment.

    5. A Blockchain Approach to Improving Digital Linked Management Information Systems (MIS).

    6. A Perspective on Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency to Boost A Futuristic Digital Economy.

    7. Application of Blockchain in Online Learning: Findings in Higher Education Certification.

    8. Robot Process Automation in Blockchain.

    9. A Novel Approach to Cryptography: Deep Learning-based Homomorphic Secure Searchable Encryption for Keyword Searches in the Blockchain Healthcare System.

    10. Design and Implementation of a Smart Healthcare System using Blockchain Technology with A Dragonfly Optimization-based Blowfish Encryption Algorithm.

    11. Implementation of a Blockchain-based Smart Shopping System for Automated Bill Generation using Smart Carts with Cryptographic Algorithms.

    12. Multi-Node Data Privacy Audit For Blockchain Integrity.

    13. IoT, AI, and Blockchain: An Integrated System Investigaton for Agriculture and Healthcare Units.

    14. Security And Privacy Challenges in Blockchain Application.

    15. Blockchain-based Cloud Resource Allocation Mechanisms for Privacy Preservation.

    16. Blockchain-based Privacy Protection Credential Model for Zero-Knowledge Proof over Distributed Systems.


    Alex Khang, PH, Doctor of Computer Science, Software Development Expert, AI and Data Scientist, Professor of IT in Universities of Science and Technology in Vietnam & United States, Chief of Technology (AI and Data Science Research Center) Global Research Institute of Technology and Engineering, NC, USA; 20+ Session Chair, 25+ International Keynote Speaker, 100+ Journal Paper Reviewer and Evaluator (Springer, CRC, Inderscience, IEEE, IGI Global, Emerald). He has 25+ years of non-stop teachning Information Technology (Software Development, Database Technology, AI Engineering, Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, IoT, and Cloud Computing) in universities of technology in Vietnam, India and USA. He is the receiver of Best Professor of the Year 2021, Researcher of the Year 2021, Global Teacher Award 2021 (AKS), Life Time Achivement Award (Educacio World), and many other awards. He has contributed to the various research activities in the fields of AI and Data Science while publishing articles in the renowned journals and conference proceedings. He has published 52 IT books, as well as 6 AI and Data Science books. He has delivered many expert techtalks in Computer Science universities and conclaves. He has over 28 years of non-stop working in the field of software productions and specialized in data engineering for foreign corporations from Germany, Sweden, the United States, Singapore, and multinationals. He is a specialist in data engineering and artificial intelligence at IT Corporation and also in the contribution stage of knowledge and experience into the scope of tech talk, a mentor, a consultant, a part-time lecturer and an evaluator for 15+ master’s/Ph.D thesis for local and international institutes and schools of technology.

    Subrata Chowdhury is Assistant Professor & IQAC Coordinator, MCA, Sri Venkateswara Engineering College of Engineering & Technology (Autonomous) Chittoor-517127, Andhra Pradesh, India. He works in the CSE Department of Sri Venkateshwara Engineering College as an Assistant Professor. He has been working in the IT Industry for more than 5 years in the R&D developments and has handled many projects in the industry with much dedication and perfect time limits. He has been handling projects related to AI, blockchains and the Cloud Computing for the companies from various National and Internationals Clients. He had published 4 books from 2014 to 2019 in the domestic market and internationally for publishers CRC and River. He has edited 2 books for CRC & River. He has participated in organizing committees, technical program committees, and as guest speaker for more than 10 conference and webinars. He has also reviewed and evaluated more than 50 papers from conferences, journals, book chapters and science articles in AI, Data Science, IoT, blockchain, and Cloud Computing for CRC, Springer, Elsevier, Emerald, IGI-Global, and InderScience Publishers. He is the Associate Editor for the JOE IET & Wiley and other journals. He has taken parts in workshops, webinars, and FDPs as resource person. He has published more than 30 papers and copyrights and patents in his name. He has been awarded by international and national science societies for his eminent contributions in the R&D field. He has received travel grants and also members of the IET, IEEE, ISTE, ACM and other Accretional bodies.

    Seema Sharma is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Computer Applications, Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, Faridabad. She is engaged in teaching MCA and BCA Classes and has teaching experience of more than 14 years. She has published more than 16 research papers in national and international journals. She has guided various students of MCA students for their project works. Her main interest areas include Software Testing, Genetic Algorithm, Java, and Mathematics.