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The Democratic Imagination
Dialogues on the Work of Irving Louis Horowitz

ISBN 9781412856072
Published December 30, 2015 by Routledge
618 Pages

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Book Description

This festschrift celebrates the accomplishments of renowned social scientist Irving Louis Horowitz as he turned sixty-five. Since Horowitz's views were global and his discourse was never restricted to national boundaries, the volume includes contributions from across the globe. Collectively, the book represents a personal as well as an intellectual statement from the contributors, as each one was a friend and colleague of Horowitz.

The life span of Horowitz's ideas stretches across boundaries, many which are focused on in The Democratic Imagination. The twenty-seven essays address Horowitz's work, ideas, and influence. Horowitz was well known for his analysis of the situation in Cuba, disarray in American sociology, the impacts of technology on the publishing industry, and policy-making in the post-Cold-War era. Contributions also take note of Horowitz's involvement in diverse areas: his work with Robert Kennedy; Radio Marti; the United States General Accounting Office, and his efforts on behalf of the freedom of the press.

In a final section, Horowitz responds to each of the contributors. This work, celebrating one of the most esteemed social scientists of the twentieth century, acknowledges his manifold contributions to the multiple areas in which he worked.

Table of Contents

Ray C. Rist

Section One: The Theory of Social Practice

1. Values, Technology, and Administration:
The Weberian Inheritance
James E. Katz
2. The Moral Career of a Political Sociologist:
Liberalism and the Democratic Spirit
Howard G. Schneiderman
3. Genocide and Social Structure: Reflections on
The Origins of Totalitarianism and Taking Lives
Jeanne H. Guillemin
4. Communication, Community, and Sociology
Abraham Edel

Section Two: The Sociology of Politics

5. Democracy as a Coalition of Cultures
Aaron Wildavsky
6. Politics in the West: Totalitarian and Democratic
Peter F. Drucker
7. Anti-Americanism: A Comparative Examination of Postwar Europe 111
Walter Laqueur
8. Organized Disorder: Terrorism, Politics, and Society
Martha Crenshaw

Section Three: Social Research and Professional Ethics

9. Policy, Social Science, and Action
Anselm Strauss
10. Professional Sociology: The Case of C. Wright Mills
Howard S. Becker
11. Policy-Making and the Quest for an Autonomous Social Science
William A. Donohue

Section Four: Nation-Building and Development

12. Worlds of Development: The Sociological Perspective
John D. Martz
13. The Sociology of Truth and Its Consequences
Simon M. Fass
14. Three Worlds of Development: An African Context
Tunde Olatunde Odetola
15. Three Worlds and One Future? The Korean Case of Social Development Theory
Byoung-Lo Philo Kim

Section Five: Cuba, the Caribbean, and Communism

16. Conscience, Courage, and the Cuban Revolution: Studying Thirty-Five Years of a Failed System
Ernesto F. Betancourt
17. Successful Inferences and Mutating Views: Horowitz's Writings on Socialist Cuba's Domestic and Foreign Policies
Carmelo Mesa-Lago
18. The Courage of a Real Lion: Horowitz's Contributions to Cuban Studies
Jaime Suchlicki

Section Six: Religion, Culture, and the Jewish Enigma

19. Reflections of a Jewish Traveler: An Intellectual and Personal Odyssey
William B. Helmreich
20. Israel and the American Diaspora
Michael Curtis
21. In Pursuit of Objectivity
Raymond Horricks
22. Six Deconstructionists in Search of a Preferred Reading and One Sociologist Discovered to be a Deconstructionist
Arthur Asa Berger
23. "You Know Something Is Happening, but You Don't Know What It Is"
R. Serge Denisoff with George Plasketes

Section Seven: Publishing and the Craft of Writing

24. The Scholar as Publisher
Mary E. Curtis
25. Planning Expeditions into Uncharted Territory
Beth Luey
26. Scholarly Productivity: A Compulsive Quantifier's Appreciation
Nathaniel J. Pallone
27. Daydreams and Nightmares as Sociological Autobiography
William N. Dunn
28. Irving Louis Horowitz: A Brief Career Summary
Deborah A. Stanley

Section Eight: Closing Remarks

Critical Responses to Friendly Critics
Irving Louis Horowitz

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