1st Edition

The Derbyshire Miners A Study in Industrial and Social History

By J.E. Williams Copyright 1962

    The Derbyshire Miners (1962) examines the development of the Derbyshire coalfield and the growth of trade union organization among the miners. It looks at the successful unionization, and the history, structure, policy and finances of the union.

    Part 1. The Derbyshire Miners, 1800–80  1. The Development of the Coal Industry  2. The Condition of the Miners  3. Early Attempts at Trade Union Organization  Part 2. The Derbyshire Miners’ Association, 1880–1914  5. The Coal Industry  6. Trade Union Organization and Finance  7. Wages, Disputes and Industrial Policy, 1880–93  8. The Great Lock-Out of 1893  9. Wages, Disputes and Industrial Policy, 1894–1910  10. The 1912 Strike  11. Social Conditions, Welfare and Safety  12. Political Activities  Part 3. The Derbyshire Miners’ Association, 1914–1944  13. The First World War  14. The Coal Industry, 1918–39  15. Trade Union Organization and Finance, 1918–39  16. The Sankey Commission and its Aftermath  17. The 1921 Lock-Out  18. The Origins and Course of the 1926 Dispute  19. Wages, Disputes and Industrial Policy, 1927–39  20. Social Conditions, Welfare and Safety, 1918–39  21. Political Activities, 1918–39  22. The Second World War


    J.E. Williams