1st Edition

The Design-Build Studio Crafting Meaningful Work in Architecture Education

Edited By Tolya Stonorov Copyright 2018
    286 Pages 156 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    286 Pages 156 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Design-Build Studio examines sixteen international community driven design-build case studies through process and product, with preceding chapters on community involvement, digital and handcraft methodologies and a graphic Time Map. Together these projects serve as a field guide to the current trends in academic design-build studios, a window into the different processes and methodologies being taught and realized today. Design-build supports the idea that building, making and designing are intrinsic to each other: knowledge of one strengthens and informs the expression of the other. Hands-on learning through the act of building what you design translates theories and ideas into real world experience. The work chronicled in this book reveals how this type of applied knowledge grounds us in the physicality of the world in which we live.

    List of Contributors
    Adam Hopfner

    Tolya Stonorov

    1 Time Map: Graphic History of the Academic Design-Build
    Studio Case Studies
    Tolya Stonorov and Danny Sagan, with drawings by Tolya Stonorov

    2 The Future of Community Engagement
    José Galarza

    3 Manifesto for Handwork: Quality, Material, and Ideas
    Daniel Wheeler

    4 Manifesto for Digital Fabrication: Control, Craft, and Agency
    Adam Marcus

    5 Case Studies: Fast Build – Less than One Semester Programs

    5A Urban Farm Supershed, Neighborhood Design/Build Studio
    Steve Badanes, University of Washington; Seattle, WA

    5B IDA 1, 2, 3, 4: Island Design Assembly
    Stephen Kredell and John McLeod, McLeod Kredell Architects, Middlebury, VT, and Jonathan Marvel, Marvel Architects, New York, NY

    5C Learn-Move-Play-Ground 1, 2, 3: baladilab
    Vittoria Capresi and Barbara Pampe, German University in Cairo; Cairo, Egypt

    5D Skate Spot, DownCity Design
    Adrienne Gagnon and Manuel Cordero Alvarado; Providence, RI

    5E Sanatorija, Building Works Unit
    Thomas Randall-Page and Theodore Molloy, Riga Technical University; Cēsis, Latvia

    5F Construction Week 2014, University of East London
    Danny Sagan, Norwich University; Northfield, VT

    6 Case Studies: Build – Semester-Long Programs

    6A Liina Shelter, Wood Program
    Pekka Heikkinen and Philip Tidwell, Aalto University; Helsinki, Finland

    6B Cloud Nine Farm Shed, Remote Studio
    Lori Ryker, Artemis Institute; Bozeman, Montana

    6C The Archistream, 802 LAB
    Tolya Stonorov with comments by Aron Temkin, Norwich University, School of Architecture + Art; Northfield, VT

    6D Wakathuni Early Learning Center, Bower Studio
    Dr. David O’Brien, University of Melbourne’s School of Design; Melbourne, Australia

    7 Case Studies: Long Build – Semester-Plus Programs

    7A Galileo’s Pavilion, Studio 804
    Dan Rockhill, University of Kansas; Lawrence, KS

    7B Grow Dat Youth Farm, Tulane City Center
    Emilie Taylor Welty and Scott Bernhard, Tulane School of Architecture; New Orleans, LA

    7C A Jam Manufactory for Naxií, CoCoon-Studio
    Ursula Hartig and Nina Pawlicki, Technische Universität Berlin; Berlin, Germany

    7D Play Perch
    Sinéad Mac Namara and Larry Bowne, Syracuse University School of Architecture; Syracuse, NY

    7E Mexican Water Cabins, DesignBuildBLUFF
    Erik Sommerfeld, University of Colorado Denver; Colorado

    7F 3 Houses, 3 Years, Jim Vlock First Year Building Project
    Alan Organschi, Yale School of Architecture; New Haven, CT

    Tolya Stonorov

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    Tolya Stonorov is a registered architect, Assistant Professor at Norwich University, Vermont, and co-founder of Stonorov Workshop, an architecture and building collaborative. She received an MArch from the University of California, Berkeley, and has practiced design-build since 2006. Among other honors, Stonorov was awarded the 2016 Vermont Women in Higher Education Peggy R. Williams Emerging Professional Award; her work has been widely published.

    "In this manifesto for the design-build curriculum in architectural education, Tolya Stonorov reinforces the legacy of pioneers like Mockbee by examining 16 hands-on programs, all of which bridge architecture to the construction process and have a strong sense of community engagement … she adeptly demonstrates the value of extricating architecture students from the confines of the studio and immersing them in the act of making.

    The instructors’ intimate connection to the projects, students, and design-build process gives their experiences vividness (and several are stellar storytellers), although the narratives are at items jarringly different in approach and style. The book is an excellent reference for educations interested in design-build, or for anyone looking for a resource that highlights the value of engaging students outside the classroom, in hands-on service to the larger community."

    Michael Cockram, Architectural Record