1st Edition

The Development of Marketing Management The Case of the USA c. 1910-1940

By Kazuo Usui Copyright 2008
    178 Pages
    by Routledge

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    There has been much discussion about the origin of marketing and marketing thought, and whether it was truly American in origin. Nevertheless, it is true that US marketing management thought was very influential throughout the world in the latter half of the twentieth century, becoming dominant after the Second World War. In order to recognize why and how this kind of thought developed in the USA, it is necessary to explore the historical contexts in which the marketing management thought was produced and developed at this time, as well as the contents of the thought. This work argues that while doubts about the US origin of marketing are acceptable, marketing management thought, which especially appeals to mass producers such as the USA, developed according to their particular needs. This book looks at the relationship between theories of marketing and the historical context in which they were developed, rescuing them from later generalizations that failed to take into account contemporary social and economic factors.

    Contents: Introduction; An archetype of marketing management: Butler's ideas and their background; Scientific management and sales management: the McDonaldization of sales activities; Scientific management and marketing management: 'science in business' for marketing; 'Merchandising' as a missing concept in the history of marketing management thought; The redesign movement and development of product policy: a meeting of marketers and industrial designers; Development of the idea of channel selection and distribution structure between the 2 World wars; Concluding remarks; Bibliography; Index.


    Kazuo Usui is a Professor in the Faculty of Economics at Saitama University, Japan and a Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh, UK