1st Edition

The Diary of Queen Charlotte, 1789 and 1794 Memoirs of the Court of George III, Volume 4

By Michael Kassler Copyright 2015

    Queen Charlotte kept a diary in which she recorded her daily activities as well as those of George III and other members of the royal family. Only her volumes for 1789 and 1794 survive, in the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle.

    Her 1789 diary shows how the king’s illness and recovery impacted upon their lives. Both diary volumes provide hitherto unpublished information about court life and the royal family.

    Foreword – Pam Clark, Abbreviations and Conventions, Introduction to Th e Diary of Queen Charlotte, Bibliography, Chronology of 1789 Events, Chronology of 1794 Events, Queen Charlotte’s Diary for August–December 1789, Queen Charlotte’s Diary for 1794, Index of Persons