1st Edition

The Digital Gaming Handbook

Edited By Roberto Dillon Copyright 2020
    426 Pages 127 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    426 Pages 127 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The Digital Gaming Handbook covers the state-of-the-art in video and digital game research and development, from traditional to emerging elements of gaming across multiple disciplines. Chapters are presented with applicability across all gaming platforms over a broad range of topics, from game content creation through gameplay at a level accessible for the professional game developer while being deep enough to provide a valuable reference of the state-of-the-art research in this field.

    Key Features:

    • International experts share their research and experience in game development and design
    • Provides readers with inside perspectives on the cross-disciplinary aspects of the industry
    • Includes retrospective and forward-looking examinations of gaming


    Dr. Roberto Dillon is a leading game studies educator with more than 15 years of experience in the field of game design and development.

    Part 1 Game Analysis, Player Experience, and Accessibility

    Chapter 1 ◾ Analyzing Games with the AGE and 6-11

    Frameworks 3

    Roberto Dillon

    Chapter 2 ◾ Designing Player Interdependence to

    Enhance Players’ Social Experience in

    Multiplayer Games 19

    Katharina Emmerich

    Chapter 3 ◾ Game Accessibility: Getting Started 37

    Thomas Westin, Ian Hamilton and Barrie Ellis

    Part 2 Gamification and Serious Games

    Chapter 4 ◾ Gamification for Good: Addressing Dark

    Patterns in Gamified UX Design 53

    Ole Goethe

    Chapter 5 ◾ The Social Media Game? How Gamification

    Shapes Our Social Media Engagement 63

    Dayana Hristova, Suzana Jovicic, Barbara Goebl and

    Thomas Sluneck

    Chapter 6 ◾ Games for Health 95

    Andrés Adolfo Navarro-Newball

    Part 3 Game Design, Level Design, and Storytelling

    Chapter 7 ◾ Free to Play Mobile Game Design

    Fundamentals 117

    Simon Rozner

    Chapter 8 ◾ Evergreen Game Design Principles 127

    Roberto Dillon

    Chapter 9 ◾ Architectural Spaces and Level Design in

    Modern Games 141

    Christopher W. Totten

    Chapter 10 ◾ Encouraging and Rewarding Repeat Play

    of Storygames 163

    Alex Mitchell

    Part 4 Game Development and Technology

    Chapter 11 ◾ How We Make Mobile Work: An Indie

    Perspective 185

    James Barnard

    Chapter 12 ◾ The Development and UI Design of

    an Interactive Game Map 199

    Tomasz Zawadzki, Korneliusz Warszawski, Slawomir Krezel

    and Slawomir Nikiel

    Chapter 13 ◾ Challenges in Designing and Implementing

    a Vector-Based 2D Animation System 245

    Jie Jiang, Hock Soon Seah, Hong Ze Liew, and Quan Chen

    Chapter 14 ◾ Best Practices for Pixel Art 275

    Cindy Lee

    Contents ◾ vii

    Chapter 15 ◾ Making Sound Decisions in Game Audio 287

    Gwen Guo

    Chapter 16 ◾ Making It Real 303

    Andre Pong and Justin Ng

    Chapter 17 ◾ Player Locomotion in Virtual Reality Games 313

    Andrey Krekhov and Katharina Emmerich

    Chapter 18 ◾ Working Everywhere and Nowhere.

    A Practical Guide to the Virtual Office 331

    Allan Simonsen

    Part 5 Game History, Society, and Culture

    Chapter 19 ◾ A Short Summary of Mobile Games’ History 341

    Simon Rozner

    Chapter 20 ◾ Retrogaming as a Form of Digital

    Preservation: A Cultural and Technological

    Approach 359

    Marco Acc ordi Rick ards, Micaela Romanini and

    Guglielmo De Gregori

    Chapter 21 ◾ Diversity in Games: How and Why? 383

    Alayna Cole


    Dr. Roberto Dillon is a leading game studies educator with more than fifteen years’ experience in the field of game design and development.