1st Edition

The Diplomacies of New Small States The Case of Slovenia with Some Comparison from the Baltics

By Milan Jazbec Copyright 2001

    Characterized by new research, this much-needed investigation into the undeveloped field of the sociology of diplomacy offers important new conclusions and suggestions, as well as many new ideas gained from practical diplomatic experience. The book examines the establishment of diplomacies of the new small states that emerged in Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain. The sociological and organizational application is combined with concepts from the fields of international relations, diplomatic studies, security studies and international public law. A systematic, stringent approach to the subject matter makes this book a substantial contribution to the field, suited to scholars, diplomats, students, civil servants and journalists alike.

    Contents: New small states in the changed international environment after the fall of the Iron Curtain; Some sociological characteristics and limitations of the diplomacies of new small states; The challenges and problems of setting up diplomatic organizations of new small states; Diplomacies of new small states and the challenges of globalization (an outlook); Notes; Bibliography; Index.


    Milan Jazbec

    ’Anybody interested in the social and cultural side of diplomacy will draw rich information from this book...offers the reader something which can rarely be found anywhere else yet...This book can be recommended to anybody who is interested in the making of new nations and states...essential reading for anybody who either has a particular interest in the transition of East Central Europe or in the making of new nations in general...’ Josef Langer, University of Klagenfurt, Austria ’...provides a comprehensive discussion of Romania's transition process and possibilities.’ Slavic Review