1st Edition

The Diversity of Darkness and Shameful Behaviors

By Tim Delaney Copyright 2022
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    The premise of The Diversity of Darkness and Shameful Behaviors is to emphasize the need for enlightened, rational thinking as a paradigm of thought as the culture of shamelessness continues to grow and cast its repulsive dark shadow over those who embrace enlightened reason and basic human rights for all.

    Diversity of Darkness is an innovative work and represents the third book of a trilogy written by the author that underscores the reality that there are many shamefully hateful and deadly behavioral threats that have jeopardized the very notions of civility, decency and justice around the world. This unique book utilizes evidence-based approaches in the examination of human behaviors in society that have become increasingly shameful and tolerated among a growing number of enablers. Key features include a combination of academic analyses that draw on numerous and specific examples of the diversity of darkness that encompasses the world along with a balanced practical, everyday-life approach to the study of the socio-political world we live in through the use of contemporary culture references and featured popular culture boxes.

    Social scientists, social thinkers and the general audience alike will be intrigued by the diversity of topics covered, including anti-civil rights movements; the rise of supremacist groups; hate crimes; mass shootings and active shootings; terrorism, war and genocide; an increase in shameful behaviors and attempts to shame others; and attacks on science, reason and rationality. We should realize that humanity has the intellect to accomplish great feats but heed the growing culture of shamelessness, irrationality and the diversity of darkness.

    1. Darkness and Shame: An Introduction

    2. The Culture of Shamelessness

    3. Shamefully Hateful

    4. Shamefully Deadly

    5. Attempts to Shame

    6. Conclusion: Summarizing the Trilogy


    Tim Delaney is a Professor of Sociology at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Oswego. Among his most recent book publications are Darkened Enlightenment (2020) and Common Sense as a Paradigm of Thought (2019).