1st Edition

The Domestic Dog An Introduction to its History

By Brian Vesey-FitzGerald Copyright 1957

    First published in 1957, The Domestic Dog is the introduction to the history of man’s best friend, with special reference to Great Britain. After discussing the natural history of the Canidae and the possible sources of domestication, Mr. Vesey-FitzGerald surveys the career of the domestic dog from its beginnings in pre-historic times through to its present position as household companion and pet. He pays particular attention to the early literature of the dog and, even more particularly, to representations of the dog by the great artists of the world, since he believes that much of the history of the individual breeds can be traced in this way. He discusses the part played by the dog in war, in sport, and in the day-to-day occupations of man. He traces the development of breeding for Show and the growth of the Dog Show from the local rivalry of a few enthusiasts to a vast and complicated business, and considers the effect of breeding for Show on the dog as an animal. Finally, he discusses the most controversial subject, the classification of the domestic dog, and gives brief histories and descriptions of the various breeds. This book will be of interest to students of history, veterinary science as well as to anyone with a love for dogs.

    Preface 1. The natural history of the dog 2. First domestication and early history 3. The dog in art 4. The dog in literature 5. The dog in sport 6. The dog in the service of man 7. The dog becomes big business 8. The classification of the domestic dog 9. The breeds in brief Bibliography Index


    Brian Vesey-FitzGerald