1st Edition

The Dutch Nation an historical study

By G. J. Renier Copyright 1944

    First published in 1944, The Dutch Nation gives more than the mere history of the Dutch nation. The author studies not only the origin of national consciousness among his compatriots, but also the development of the national character of the Dutch, the birth of parties in their State, and the rise of the House of Orange from the leadership of one party to the unchallenged position of a symbol of national unity. The class realities underlying artificial differences are vividly described, and the merchant oligarchs of the days of John De Witt become creatures of flesh and blood in this book which is based upon a wealth of hitherto unpublished material. This book will be of interest to students of history, political science and sociology.

    Foreword 1. A State, A Nation and Two Parties 2. A Commonwealth of Merchants 3. The Princes and the People 4. Synthesis Conclusion Map of the Dutch Republic


    G. J. Renier