1st Edition

The Dynamic Perspective in Personality and Social Psychology A Special Issue of personality and Social Psychology Review

    128 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Recent years have witnessed the ascendance of a new way to conceptualize and investigate the nature of dynamism at different levels of psychological reality. Areas of inquiry as diverse as cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, organizational behavior, and political sociology are being reframed in terms that allow rigorous and precise insight into basic dynamic processes. There are signs that this new approach to dynamics is emerging as a potentially integrative paradigm for personality and social psychology as well. This special issue highlights this new paradigm and illustrates its relevance to a broad spectrum of topics in personality and social psychology.

    Volume 6, Number 4, 2002. Contents: R.R. Vallacher, S.J. Read, A. Nowak, The Dynamical Perspective in Personality and Social Psychology. P. Thagard, J. Nerb, Emotional Gestalts: Appraisal, Change, and the Dynamics of Affect. D. Simon, K.J. Holyoak, Structural Dynamics of Cognition: From Consistency Theories to Constraint Satisfaction. S. Queller, Stereotype Change in a Recurrent Network. C.S. Carver, M.F. Scheier, Control Processes and Self-Organization as Complementary Principles Underlying Behavior. Y. Shoda, S.L. Tiernan, W. Mischel, Personality as a Dynamical System: Emergence of Stability and Constancy From Intra- and Interpersonal Interactions. J. Gottman, C. Swanson, K. Swanson, A General Systems Theory of Marriage: Nonlinear Difference Equation Modeling of Marital Interaction. R. Axelrod, R.L. Riolo, M.D. Cohen, Beyond Geography: Cooperation With Persistent Links in the Absence of Clustered Neighborhoods. D.T. Kenrick, J.K. Maner, J. Butner, N.P. Li, D.V. Becker, M. Schaller, Dynamical Evolutionary Psychology: Mapping the Domains of the New Interactionist Paradigm. S.J. Read, L.C. Miller, Virtual Personalities: A Neural Network Model of Personality. R.R. Vallacher, A. Nowak, M. Froehlich, M. Rockloff, The Dynamics of Self-Evaluation. S.L. Johnson, A. Nowak, Dynamical Patterns in Bipolar Depression.


    Robin R. Vallacher (Edited by) ,  Stephen John Read (Edited by) ,  Andrzej Nowak (Edited by)