1st Edition

The Dynamics of Cultural Nationalism The Gaelic Revival and the Creation of the Irish Nation State

By John Hutchinson Copyright 1987

    First published in 1987, The Dynamics of Cultural Nationalism demonstrates the nature and role of cultural nationalism as a separate movement in the creation of modern nations. This is done through an intensive study of the modern Irish movements, and in particular the Gaelic revival at the end of the nineteenth century, which makes clear the importance of cultural nationalism as a vision and politics in its own right. The author, by approaching his material as both historian and sociologist, is able to illuminate the Irish case of nationalism by placing it in a broad, comparative perspective, showing how cultural nationalism has often provided those answers to the problems of nation building and the rediscovery of national identity that political nationalism failed to provide. This book will be of interest to all those in the social sciences and history who are concerned with problems of national identity, the uses of history and culture in the creation of modern nations, and the particular case of the development of nationalist movements in Ireland.

    Tables Acknowledgement Preface Introduction 1. A Profile of Cultural Nationalism 2. The Eighteenth-Century Revival in Ireland 3. The Second Irish Revival (c. 1830-48) 4. The Gaelic Revival (c. 1890-1921): Its Secular Propounders and Religious Roots 5. The Gaelic Revival (c. 1890-1921): The Socio-Political Articulation 6. The Genesis of Cultural Nationalism 7. The Origins and Characters of the Gaelic Revival 8. Cultural Nationalism, Irish Politics and Elite Mobility 9. Epilogue Select Bibliography Further Reading Index


    John Hutchinson