1st Edition

The Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

    164 Pages
    by Routledge

    164 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book aims to provide new approaches to analysing and thinking about how entrepreneurial ecosystems develop and evolve over time as well as shed light on the relatively unexplored area of entrepreneurship ecosystem dynamics.

    The concept of entrepreneurial ecosystems has emerged as a framework to understand the nature of places in which entrepreneurial activity flourishes. Time is fundamental to the analysis of the dynamics of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. New firm creation, survival, growth and demise all occur within a temporal context that is, over and within time. Systems approaches to research invariably model the influential effects of the actors and elements that shape, re-shape, maintain, shift and change the system itself. An entrepreneurial ecosystem point of view, therefore, is inherently time-dependent and provides an analytical framework that reveals how the number and diversity of entrepreneurial actors situated in a place and time influence the creation of new firms, their survival, growth, and ultimately the stability of markets and industry in a time and place. Whether for better or worse, the historic and present time dimensions underpin the functioning and trajectory of entrepreneurial ecosystem performances and how they are shaped over time.

    Each chapter in this edited volume outlines a particular perspective and/or a unique case drawn from a range of countries that collectively reveal the dynamics of an ever-changing entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    The chapters were originally published as a special issue of the journal, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.

    1. Time and the dynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystems 
    David Audretsch, Colin Mason, Morgan P. Miles and Allan O’Connor 
    2. From orchards to chips: Silicon Valley’s evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem 
    Stephen B. Adams 
    3. The role of MNEs in the genesis and growth of a resilient entrepreneurial ecosystem 
    Paul Ryan, Majella Giblin, Giulio Buciuni and Dieter F. Kogler 
    4. Meeting its Waterloo? Recycling in entrepreneurial ecosystems after anchor firm collapse 
    Ben Spigel and Tara Vinodrai 
    5. Degrees of integration: how a fragmented entrepreneurial ecosystem promotes different types of entrepreneurs 
    Katharina Scheidgen 
    6. The injection of resources by transnational entrepreneurs: towards a model of the early evolution of an entrepreneurial ecosystem 
    Aki Harima, Jan Harima and Jörg Freiling 
    7. Unhelpful help: The state of support programmes and the dynamics of entrepreneurship ecosystems in Ethiopia 
    Ashenafi Biru, David Gilbert and Pia Arenius 


    Allan O’Connor is Associate Professor in Enterprise Dynamics at the University of South Australia, Australia.

    Colin Mason is Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Glasgow, UK.

    Morgan P. Miles is Professor of Entrepreneurship at Charles Stuart University, Australia.

    David Audretsch is Distinguished Professor at Indiana University, USA.