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The Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and Tracks Proceedings of the 24th Symposium of the International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics (IAVSD 2015), Graz, Austria, 17-21 August 2015

    1646 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The IAVSD Symposium is the leading international conference in the field of ground vehicle dynamics, bringing together scientists and engineers from academia and industry. The biennial IAVSD symposia have been held in internationally renowned locations. In 2015 the 24th Symposium of the International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics (IAVSD) was held in Graz, Austria, from 17th to 21st of August 2015. The symposium was hosted by VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center, in cooperation with the Graz and Vienna Universities of Technology, and the industrial partners AVL, Magna Steyr, and Siemens.

    170 papers (oral and poster presentations) were presented at the symposium and the papers are now published in these proceedings. The papers review the latest research developments and practical applications in highly relevant areas of vehicle dynamics on roads and tracks, and may serve as a reference for researchers and engineers active in the field of vehicle system dynamics.

    IAVSD 2015 Committees


    Fundamental study on ideal longitudinal control for improved dynamical handling characteristics
    M. Yamakado, M. Abe & Y. Kano
    Component based modeling and validation of a steering system for a commercial vehicle
    J. Loof, I. Besselink & H. Nijmeijer
    Robust design of road vehicle suspensions using fuzzy methods
    W. Schiehlen, M. Hanss & I. Iroz
    Evaluation of chassis control algorithms using controllability region analysis
    S. Horiuchi
    Influence of body stiffness on vehicle dynamics characteristics
    O. Danielsson, A. González Cocaña, K. Ekström, M. Bayani Khaknejad, M. Klomp & R. Dekker
    Development of a novel model of driver-vehicle steering control incorporating sensory dynamics
    C.J. Nash & D.J. Cole
    A speed control race driver model with on-line driving trajectory planning
    Y. Koh, K. Yi, H. Her & K. Kim
    Optimization of driver and chassis of FWD racing car for faster cornering
    M. Maniowski
    Coordinated braking control for In-Wheel-Motor-Driven Electric Vehicles with regenerative and antilock braking system based on control allocation
    X. Jin & G. Yin
    The effect on power consumption & handling of efficiency-driven active torque distribution in a four wheeled vehicle
    G. Parker, J. Griffin & A. Popov
    Optimal yaw-rate target for electric vehicle torque vectoring system
    E.N. Smith, D. Tavernini, C. Claret, E. Velenis & D. Cao
    Effects of different excitation spectra on virtual suspension damper design
    F. Klinger, J. Edelmann, M. Plöchl & S. Jeindl
    Farm tractor ride comfort assessment
    M. Gobbi, G. Mastinu, M. Pennati & G. Previati
    A study of semi-active suspension with tuned mass damper
    Y. Zhuang, S. Nie & K. Guo
    Experimental implementation of a fault handling strategy for electric vehicles with individual-wheel drives
    D. Wanner, M. Nybacka, O. Wallmark, L. Drugge & A. Stensson Trigell
    Front-to-rear torque vectoring Model Predictive Control for terminal understeer mitigation
    E. Siampis, E. Velenis & S. Longo
    Stability of towed wheels in cornering manoeuvre
    H. Sykora & D. Takács
    Stability investigation of car-trailer combinations depending on damper properties
    N. Zhang, Z.J. Shao, H. Xiao & H. Winner
    Wave-based control for intelligent longitudinal traffic column
    M. Valášek, Z. Neusser & T. Gordon
    Vehicle motion planning and control for autonomous driving intelligence system based on risk potential optimization framework
    P. Raksincharoensak, T. Hasegawa, A. Yamasaki, H. Mouri & M. Nagai
    Autonomous vehicle controlled by safety path planner with collision risk estimation coupled with a non-linear MPC
    S. Arrigoni, F. Cheli, S.S. Manazza, P. Gottardis, R. Happee, M. Arat & D. Kotiadis
    A study of motorcycle chatter vibration with multibody models of increasing complexity
    L. Leonelli, N. Mancinelli & S. Sorrentino
    Design of an active tilting three-wheeler: Optimization of the dynamic performances via multibody simulations
    A. Verlé & P. Fisette
    Experimental evaluation of collision avoidance system using state dependent Riccati equation technique
    M. Alirezaei, S.T.H. Jansen & J.M. Janssen
    A novel approach for a collision avoiding lane change system in a dynamic traffic environment
    S. Samiee, A. Eichberger, S. Azadi & R. Kazemi
    The trade-off between distance margin and steering intrusiveness in obstacle avoidance manoeuvres with oncoming traffic
    A. Arikere, M. Lidberg & G. Olsson
    Multi-domain modelling of a new wheel rotational kinematics sensor
    J.P. Gray, J.R. Paldan & V.V. Vantsevich
    Study on automobile tire sensing by Quasi-Electrostatic Field technology
    K. Kouno, K. Takiguchi, Y. Suda, S. Mizuno, Y. Kitagawa, S. Yamabe, N. Masaki & T. Hayashi
    Studying road roughness effect on rolling resistance using brush tyre model and self-affine fractal surfaces
    K. Yoshimura, M.M. Davari, L. Drugge, J. Jerrelind & A. Stensson Trigell
    An autonomous safety system for road departure prevention based on combined path and sideslip control
    Y. Gao, T. Gordon, M. Lidberg & M. Klomp
    Accelerated evaluation of automated vehicles using extracted naturalistic driving data
    D. Zhao, H. Peng, S. Bao, K. Nobukawa, D.J. LeBlanc & C.S. Pan
    Experimental evaluation of the controllability of interacting advanced driver assistance systems
    O. Schädler, S. Müller & M. Gründl
    Extremum seeking control of a pneumatic braking system for heavy vehicles
    G. Morrison & D. Cebon
    Path-dependent rollover prevention for critical truck maneuvers
    K. Lundahl, C.F. Lee, E. Frisk & L. Nielsen
    Application of linear slosh theory on stability of the B-train combinations
    I. Hazrati Ashtiani, A. Kolaei, M. Abedi & S. Rakheja
    Hardware-in-the-loop system for electro-pneumatic brake systems of commercial vehicles
    F. Bauer, A. Lion, S. Litter & E. Topčagić
    Combined effect of electronic stability control and active tilting control based on full-car nonlinear model
    I. Youn, E. Youn, M.A. Khan, L.Wu & M. Tomizuka
    Integrated vehicle dynamic control using composite nonlinear feedback method for independent wheel drive electric vehicle
    M.H.M. Ariff, H. Zamzuri, N.R.N. Idris & A.M.A. Mustafa
    Integrated attitude motion and lateral stability control of a vehicle via active suspension and rear-wheel steering control system
    L.Wu, I. Youn & M. Tomizuka
    Nonlinear analysis of actuator interventions using robust controlled invariant sets
    P. Gáspár & B. Németh
    Experimental evaluation of unknown input observers for tire model parameter estimation
    R. Tafner, M. Reichhartinger & M. Horn
    Identification of tire cornering stiffness in lane changes using Dual Kalman filter
    S. Lee, K. Nakano, M. Ohori & R. Zheng
    Identification method of longitudinal tyre characteristics based on real road driving
    A. Kerschbaumer,W. Hirschberg & D. Prezel
    An investigation into design and simulation strategies for the extension of vehicle dynamics linearity
    A.U. Qazi, M. Blundell, G.Wood & G. Chrysakis
    Steering HILS system with multibody kinematics model considering suspension compliance steer
    M. Tsushima, K. Morihara & T. Shiiba
    Analysis of vehicle dynamics and vibrations of a vehicle with a 2-cylinder engine
    W. Reinalter, M. Mittermaier, T. Sato & A. Kobayashi
    Experimental validation of a non-linear first-order tyre dynamics approach
    A. Hackl,W. Hirschberg, C. Lex & G. Rill
    Experimental study on velocity and temperature dependency of rubber-asphalt friction
    J. Kärkimaa & A.J. Tuononen
    Body attitude state estimation using wheel rolling speed variations and application in driving torque control
    Y. Liu, J. Hozumi, M. Morita & A. Higuchi
    Active brake force distribution for pitch angle minimisation
    D. Tavernini, E. Velenis & F. Assadian
    Vehicle stability self-tuning control strategy based on joint criterion
    Z. Yu, B. Leng, L. Xiong & Y. Feng
    Development of a road surface friction estimation for actual road
    Y. Shiozawa, P. Raksincharoensak & H. Mouri
    Identification of tyre characteristics using active force excitation
    A. Albinsson, F. Bruzelius, B. Jacobson, T. Gustafsson & M. Jonasson
    Friction estimation at tyre–ground contact based on the Gough-plot for safe autonomous vehicles
    G. Previati, M. Gobbi, G. Mastinu, S. Dell’Agostino, J. Edelmann & M. Plöchl
    Virtual brake software release
    S. Angelis, A. Johnsson, M. Klomp, R. Hansson & D. Katzourakis
    Model-based traction control with friction adaption for preventing drive-train vibration during the power-hop acceleration process of front-wheel drive vehicles
    D. Killian, J.M. Georg, S. Poltersdorf & M. Lienkamp
    Upright mounted pushrod: the effects on racecar handling dynamics
    F.P. Marchesin, R.S. Barbosa, M.A.L. Alves, M. Gadola, D. Chindamo & C. Benini
    The significance of high-order dynamics in lap time simulations
    R. Lot & N. Dal Bianco
    The unification of acceleration envelope and driveability concepts
    I.G. Salisbury, D.J.N. Limebeer, A. Tremlett & M. Massaro
    Optimized roll behavior and ride comfort based on central roll torque distribution on electromechanical anti-roll bars and semiactive dampers and approaches on subjective-objective correlation
    A.M. Wenzelis, M. Lienkamp & R. Schwarz
    Damping control to enhance transient cornering feeling using Kalman filter
    H. Sakai
    Design and validation of the second generation of the ROboMObil’s Vehicle Dynamics Controller
    R. de Castro, T. Bünte & J. Brembeck
    Wheel motion control using a hybrid actuator system
    M. Ringdorfer & M. Horn
    Optimal control and construction design of variable-geometry suspension systems
    B. Németh & P. Gáspár
    An integrated control of front/rear traction distribution and differential braking for limit handling
    E. Joa, K. Yi & K. Kim
    Robust handling performance against weight variation focused on transient region
    T. Hosono, K. Takekoshi & T. Shiiba
    Stability analysis of the car-trailer system with a time-delayed tyre model
    S. Beregi, D. Takács, G. Stépán & D.A.W. Barton
    Passive suspension incorporating inerters for reduction in road damage caused by heavy vehicles
    J.Z. Jiang, X. Liu, A.J. Harrison & X. Na
    Driving condition identification based on HHMM model – Application to the simulation of heavy duty vehicle
    T. Zhu, A. Khajepour, C. Zong, L. Mai & H. Deng
    MPC-based framework for autonomous ground vehicles in a complex environment
    S. Arrigoni & F. Cheli
    Integrated design and simulation of a direct drive, electric shuttle vehicle
    L. Pugi, B. Allotta, M. Cipriani, M. Pratesi, A. Bartolomei & F. Grasso
    Comparative evaluation of energy efficiency of electrical vehicle powertrain configurations
    J. Tobolář, R. de Castro, U. Bleck, C. Satzger, J. Brembeck & Y. Hirano
    Estimation of vehicle yaw moment of inertia in dynamic road test using Wheel Force Sensor
    Y.Wang & H.Winner
    Identification of a nonlinear full-vehicle model for semi-active damper controller synthesis
    M. Fleps-Dezasse & J. Tobolář
    Model-based integrated control with vehicle states and parameters estimation
    H. Lu, Y. Shi, F. Yu & D. He
    On-board determination of the friction coefficient between tire and road using standard-application vehicle dynamics sensors
    C. Lex, A. Eichberger & W. Hirschberg
    Analysis of the effect of tire inflation pressure on tire road interaction during braking
    K. Höpping, K. Augsburg, K. Hutengs, G. Dherbomez, B.Wang, A. Victorino & A. Charara
    Physical tire model based on understanding of separate components of tire deformation
    P. Sarkisov, G. Prokop, G. Gladov & S. Popov
    Analysing vehicle dynamics objective and subjective testing in winter conditions
    G.L. Gil Gómez, E. Bakker, M. Nybacka & L. Drugge
    The importance of yaw motion feedback in driving simulators
    A. Kusachov, F. Bruzelius & X. Xie
    A high fidelity driving feeling real-time dynamic steering system model
    X. Guan, C. Duan, L. Zheng, J. Zhan, L. Tian & H. Bao
    System to detect decrease in driver’s lane-keeping ability within several seconds by inverse driver model
    H. Sakai
    Visualization of driver’s body motion by instantaneous screw axis and line of action
    M. Hada, T. Yamaguchi & Y. Hattori
    An intelligent traction control for motorcycles
    P. Urda, J.A. Cabrera, J.J. Castillo & A.J. Guerra


    Dynamic gauging assessment using multi-body simulation – investigation of the effect of the track & the operating conditions
    J. Causse, L. Pommier, S. Kraft, P. Dupont & F. Coudert
    Pneumatic anti-roll systems for railway secondary suspensions
    N. Docquier & J.-F. Collard
    Robust evaluation of rail damage and track forces using representative load collectives
    B.A. Pålsson
    Assessing the role of longitudinal variability of vertical track stiffness in the long-term deterioration
    I. Grossoni, A.R. Andrade & Y. Bezin
    An efficient condition monitoring strategy of railway vehicle suspension based on recursive least-square algorithm
    X.Y. Liu, S. Alfi & S. Bruni
    Comparison of wear prediction models for different contact conditions
    C. Casanueva, R. Enblom & M. Berg
    Scenario based development of a wheel profile using numerical optimization
    M. Alb, J. Zernig, H.-P. Kotz & W.Wang
    Development of self-contained active suspensions for railway vehicles
    T.X. Mei, P.Wang, J.Y. Zhang & H. Li
    Mechatronic bogie for roller rig tests
    J. Kalivoda & P. Bauer
    Control development for the scaled experimental railway running gear of DLR
    A. Heckmann, C. Schwarz, T. Bünte, A. Keck & J. Brembeck
    Research on aerodynamic experiment and dynamic performance of new developed V500 pantograph at 400 km/h or higher
    G. Mei, J.Wang, C. Zhao, Y. Jiang, D. Zou, R. Li, Z. Chen, M. Chen, J. Li, D. Song, N. Zhou & W. Zhang
    Possible speed increase on soft catenary system with help of auxiliary pantograph
    Z.D. Liu, P.-A. Jönsson, S. Stichel & A. Rønnquist
    Loss of stability in a nonsmooth model of dual-point rolling
    M. Antali & G. Stépán
    Advances in studying non-linear phenomena in railway transition curve at velocities around the critical one
    K. Zboinski & M. Golofit-Stawinska
    Operational modal analysis of an overall carbody based on excitation due to electric transformer
    H. Li, X.Wang, J.C. Zou,W. Xue & L.M. Zhang
    Multimodal reduction of flexural vibration in railway vehicle carbody using elastic torus
    T. Tomioka, S. Tachikawa & Y. Akiyama
    Modelling of rubber components using estimated parameters
    O. Polach
    Modelling issues in passenger draft gear connections
    C. Cole, M. Spiryagin, Q.Wu & C. Bosomworth
    Study on modelling and control methods of air spring in railway vehicles
    H.X. Gao, M.R. Chi,W.H. Zhang, M.H. Zhu, J. Zeng & P.B. Wu
    A wheel-rail creep force model considering normal stress and temperature dependent plasticity effects
    A. Meierhofer, G. Müller, K. Six & P. Dietmaier
    Effect of elasto-plasticity on the creep force characteristics and the railway vehicle stability
    M. Toumi, H. Chollet & H. Yin
    Co-simulation of tilting trains in Simpack–Simulink
    N. Kuka, C. Ariaudo & R. Verardi
    Illustrating the implications of choices at the vehicle model building stage in simulation results
    M. Aizpun & J. Vinolas
    Advancements in three-piece freight bogies for increasing axle load up to 27 t
    A.M. Orlova, A.V. Saidova, E.A. Rudakova, A.N. Komarova & A.V. Gusev
    Control re-configuration for actively steered wheelsets in the event of actuator failure
    M. Mirzapour & T.X. Mei
    Railway bogie stability control from secondary yaw actuators
    R.M. Goodall, C.P.Ward, D. Prandi & S. Bruni
    Modelling of a passive hydraulic steering for locomotives
    T.P. Löwe, P.S. Els & C. Kat
    Dynamic model of the track-railway vehicle interaction on curves
    J. Martínez-Casas, L. Baeza, E. Di Gialleonardo & S. Bruni
    Analysis of high speed rotating flexible wheelset-flexible track coupled dynamics
    Z. Lu, Z. Yang,W. Liu & B. Zhang
    How structural flexibilities of both wheelsets and rails affect the typical running behaviour compared to contact geometry and friction variations
    I. Kaiser & J. Vinolas
    Characterization of the evolution of the train dynamic response under the effect of track irregularities
    N. Lestoille, C. Soize & C. Funfschilling
    Development of track condition monitoring system for conventional railways
    H. Tsunashima, H. Mori, M. Ogino, S. Azami & A. Asano
    A stochastic model of the railway track geometry
    A.M. Panunzio, G. Puel, R. Cottereau & X. Quost
    An approach for the classification of track geometry defects
    S. Kraft, J. Causse & F. Coudert
    An application of the interactive multiple model to the measurement of wheel-rail contact forces
    S. Bionda, E. Di Gialleonardo, G. Cazzulani & F. Braghin
    An efficient numerical simulation method for vertical vehicle-track dynamic interactions using the nonlinear Hertzian contact spring
    Y. Kawasaki & A. Yoshimura
    Impact of wheel shape on the vertical damage of cast crossing panels in turnouts
    Y. Bezin, I. Grossoni & S. Neves
    Improvement of train-track interaction in transition zones via reduction of ballast damage
    H.Wang, V.L. Markine, R.P.B.J. Dollevoet & I.Y. Shevtsov
    Sensitivity analysis: Main parameters causing wear and rolling contact fatigue in wheel-rail contact
    C. Marte, G. Trummer, A. Aichmayr, P. Dietmaier & K. Six
    A multi-scale modelling strategy to model the rail rolling contact fatigue
    C. Funfschilling & M.L. Nguyen-Tajan
    Influence of wheel and rail profile shape on the initiation of rolling contact fatigue cracks at high axle loads
    U. Spangenberg, R.D. Fröhling & P.S. Els
    Coupled simulation of vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics
    M. Hidai, K. Goda, K. Iwasaki & T. Watanabe
    Experimental-numerical evaluation of crosswind effect on high-speed freight train and its payload
    E. Di Gialleonardo, S. Melzi, G. Tomasini & F. Resta
    Study on application of big data analytics of running records in railway systems
    S. Lin, K. Kimoto, Y. Suda, A. Iwamoto, T. Saito, K. Yano, M. Mizuno, M. Tanimoto & K. Nagasawa
    Temporal subtraction processing of derailment coefficient collected with the monitoring bogie
    Y. Michitsuji, A. Matsumoto, Y. Sato, H. Ohno, H. Mori, A. Iwamoto, T. Fukushima, K. Yano, D. Shinagawa, M. Tanimoto & K. Nagasawa
    Robustness and performance investigation of railway weigh in motion algorithms respect to parametric and random uncertainties
    P. D’Adamio, L. Pugi, E. Meli, A. Innocenti, L. Marini & A. Rindi
    Simulation approach for wheel wear of locomotives under winter conditions
    S. Urban, M. Beitelschmidt & B. Peters
    Rail corrugation growth in curves – friction management as a sustainable solution
    M. Beck, R. Stock & B. Temple
    Top of rail friction modifier application scenarios and wheel-rail interaction forces
    H. Wu & N. Wilson
    Study on curving performance of heavy haul train under braking condition
    L. Yang, S. Luo, Q.Wu & M. Fu
    Study on heavy haul locomotive behaviour under a bogie traction control strategy with the presence of wheel diameter difference within a bogie
    M. Spiryagin, P.Wolfs, C. Cole, Y.Q. Sun & F. Szanto
    Adaptive algorithm of active railway safety system for smooth and precise braking
    M. Gorobetz, A. Potapovs & A. Levchenkov
    Vertical dynamic vehicle–track interaction in a railway crossing predicted by moving Green’s functions
    X. Li, P.T. Torstensson & J.C.O. Nielsen
    Heavy point frog performance under passenger vehicles
    A.M. Rakoczy, X. Shu, D.D. Davis, D. Li & A. Tajaddini
    Dynamic finite element model-impact force and contact pressure for measured geometries of fixed crossings
    M. Pletz, U. Ossberger, H. Ossberger & W. Daves
    Towards realistic load assumption of bogie equipment
    C. Wesseler & S. Schneider
    Calculation of moving Green functions for high-speed railway tracks
    X. Sheng & X. Xiao
    Adaptation of the semi-Hertzian method to wheel/rail contact in turnouts
    M. Sebès, H. Chollet, E. Monteiro, M. Laurent & C. Muller
    An alternative to FASTSIM for tangential solution of the wheel-rail contact
    M.Sh. Sichani, R. Enblom & M. Berg
    Running dynamics of railway vehicles equipped with torsionally flexible axles and partially independently rotating wheels
    A. Bracciali & G. Megna
    Dynamic model and performance of Translohr tram on simplifying guiding wheel/rail contact as multi-unilateral springs
    Y. Ji, L. Ren & Q. Liang
    On the influence of operational conditions on the design load calculation for railway vehicle bogies
    F. Schöler, C. Moser & B. Corves
    Methodology for optimisation of draft gear design using Particle Swarm Optimisation
    Q. Wu, C. Cole & M. Spiryagin
    Modelling and simulation of trams bogies with fully independently rotating wheels
    A. Chudzikiewicz & B. Sowinski
    A new kind of tramcar based on virtual tracks and its dynamic performances
    P. Han, W. Zhang & C. Yang
    A novel modular measurement system for the development of light rail vehicles
    C. Telke, V. Quarz, M. Beitelschmidt & A. Schulz
    Development of a new running gear for the Spectrum intermodal vehicle
    P. Shackleton, Y. Bezin, D. Crosbee, P. Molyneux-Berry & A. Kaushal
    Nonlinear optimal specification of a locomotive axle-box hydraulic damper for vibration reduction and track-friendliness
    W.L. Wang, D.S. Yu & S. Iwnicki
    Effect of under-chassis equipment on railway vehicle car body frequency and its suspension parameter optimization
    D. Gong, W. Sun, J. Zhou, S. Du & Y. Sun
    Energy efficiency of freight wagons and influence of their oscillations on rolling resistance
    Yu.P. Boronenko, A.N. Komarova & Yu.S. Romen
    Study on dynamics of lightweight railway vehicle with different coefficients of friction in wet condition
    S. Lin, Y. Takino, Y. Suda, M. Hashimoto, D. Nakano, A. Tanimoto & M. Kageyama
    Damping characterization of a high speed train catenary
    O. Vo Van, E. Balmes & X. Lorang
    Dynamic stress prediction in catenary wires for fatigue analysis
    J.P. Bianchi, E. Balmes & M.-L. Nguyen-Tajan
    Finite element study of wheel-rail conformal rolling contact
    J. Blanco-Lorenzo, J. Santamaria, E.G. Vadillo & N. Correa
    Study on dynamic derailment criteria for high speed train
    X. Mao & G. Shen
    Investigation on wheel/rail dynamic interaction in heavy-haul railway line with hanging sleepers
    D.W. Zhang, W.M. Zhai, K.Y. Wang & P.F. Liu
    Train-overturned derailments due to excessive speed – Analysis and countermeasures
    A. Matsumoto, Y. Michitsuji & K. Tanifuji
    Systematic simulation study of the derailment risk of freight wagons by different periodical rail irregularities based on two accidents
    R. Naumann, S. Müller & F. Wolther
    Effects of wheelset flexibility on the simulation of vehicle-track interaction at crossings
    C. Shen, Z.Wei, N. Burgelman, R. Dollevoet & Z. Li
    Derailment simulation on a passenger train at level crossing due to lateral collision with a heavy road vehicle
    Y.Q. Sun, C. Cole, M. Spiryagin, M. Dhanasekar & D.P. Thambiratnam
    Study on improved sign detection system of flange-climb derailment with real-scale experiment
    M. Sakamoto, S.-P. Lin, Y. Suda, M. Kageyama, S. Koga, T. Kunimi & T. Kawanabe
    Analysis approach of turnout crossing performance by field measurements and finite element modeling
    L. Xin, V.L. Markine & I.Y. Shevtsov
    Performance study of a double crossover for facing and trailing directions
    X. Liu, V.L. Markine & I.Y. Shevtsov
    Rail surface crack initiation analysis using multi-scale coupling approach
    Y. Ma, V.L. Markine & A.A. Mashal

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    Martin Rosenberger, Manfred Plöchl, Klaus Six, Johannes Edelmann