1st Edition

The Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and on Tracks Proceedings of 10th IAVSD Symposium Held in Prague, Czechoslovakia, August 24-28, 1987

By Milan Apetaur Copyright 1988

    This book deals with identification methods for vehicle system dynamics and dynamic interaction of vehicles with tracks and roads. It also deals with injury sequence and injury severity as the consequence of the dynamic response of the vehicle during and after collision.

    1. Effects of Traction Force Distribution Control with Additional Rear Wheel Steer on Turning Behavior of 4WD Vehicle 2. A Study of Dynamic Impact Load Effects Due to Railroad Wheel Profile Roughnes 3. Low Conicity Instabilities in Forced-Steering Railway Vehicles 4. Rail Vehicle Energy Dissipation Due to Lateral Vehicle/Track Interac-tions 5. Evaluation of Three-Axle Bogie Dynamics of an Electric Locomotive 6. Locomotive Behaviour during Curve Negotiation 7. Ride Dynamics Modelling of Mining Bucket Loaders 8. Dynamics and Stability of Train-Track-Systems for Continuous and Hybrid Models 9. Road Handling Behaviour of Tractor Semitrailer Equipped with Fifth Wheels Antijackknife Devices 10. Vibrations of Front Suspension of a Car 11. Examination of the Road Damage Caused by Three Articulated Vehicles 12. Analysis of Parametric Sensitivity of the Mathematical Models that Describe Lateral Dynamics of a Railway Vehicle 13. The Dynamic Response of Railway Track to Discrete Irregularities 14. Nonstationary Random Vibration of Vehicles on Irregular Guideways 15. An Investigation into the Interaction between Vehicle Ride and Tilt Systems 16. Optimum Adhesion Control of Traction Motors by a Digital Filter 17. Parametric Excitation of Rail Vehicles 18. Numerical Simulation of Characteristic Manoeuvres of Passenger Cars in the Pre-Crash Phase 19. On the Dynamic Behaviour of the ICE by Field Tests and by Combination of CAD with Multibody Dynamics 20. Optimum Control of a Driver/Four-Wheel-Steered-Vehicle System 21. Evaluation of the Isotropic Road Roughness Assumption 22. Dynamic Simulation of Freight Cars with Nonlinear Suspension- and Buffer-Models during Curving 23. Steering Wheel Vibration from Point of View of Tyres Nonuniformity 24. The Dynamic Behaviour of a Rail Locomotive with Solid Rubber Tyres and Flanged Steel Wheels 25. Maneuverability of a Truck-Trailer Combination after Loss of Lateral Stability 26. Stabilization of Articulated Vehicles by Semi-Active Control Method 27. Advances in the Simulation of Long Train Longitudinal Dynamics 28. IMITA-Tool for Simulation of Multibody Systems Dynamics 29. Design Limits for a Maglev Vehicle on a Flexible Guideway 30. Effect of Heavy Vehicle Suspension Nonlinearities on Pavement Loading 31. A Two-dimensional Model of the Interaction between a Pneumatic Tire and an Even and Uneven Road Surface 32. 4 Wheel Drive with Visco Coupling Elements 33. Determination of Mass, Damping and Stiffness Matrices Using Structural and Parametric Identification of Linear Vehicle Frame Models 34. Influence of the Engine on the Vehicle Vibration 35. An Adaptive Control Model of a Car-Driver and Computer Simulation of the Closed-Loop System 36. The Equations of Motion of a Single Wheelset Moving along a Perfect Track 37. A Laser-Based Highway-Speed Road Profile Measuring System 38. Lateral Dynamics of Complete Four-Axled Rail Vehicles with Powered 39. Quasi Static Behaviour and Contact Forces of a Bogie with Two Wheelsets Running on a Curved Track 40. Vehicle Dynamics in Real-Time Simulation 41. Instrumental Variable Identification in Vehicle Dynamics 42. Dynamics of a Vehicle with the Tractive Effort Transmission by Skew-link Mechanisms 43. The Mechanism of the Rotatable Lemniscate Suspension Applied to Bogies Having Selfsteering Wheelsets 44. The Influence of the Steering System on the Directional Response to Steering 45. The Influence of a Four Wheel Steering System on the Stability Behaviour of a Vehicle-Driver System 46. Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamic Curving of Rail Vehicle 47. Dynamical Behaviour of a Forced-Steering Three-Piece Freight Car Truck 48. Frequency Response Function of Reciprocal Dynamic Effects of the Railway Wheel and Rail 49. Forced-Steered Truck and Vehicle Dynamic Modes-Resonance Effects Due to Car Geometry 50. Some New Results on the Interaction between Vehicle and Road: Vibration of Vehicles Moving on Bad Quality Roads 51. A New Analytical Model to Investigate Transient Rolling Conditions of a Steel-Belted Tire 52. The Dynamic Research in Connected Trains 53. Some Problems of Vehicle's Brakes and Braking 54. Cornering on Uneven Roads 55. A Vertical Vibration Analysis of Coupled Bogie Cars in a Train for Evaluation of Riding Comfort 56. A Linear Dynamic Wear Model to Explain the Initiating Mechanism of Corrugation 57. The Design and Testing of a Bogie with a Mechanical Steering Linkage 58. Method to Correlate Vehicular Behaviour and Driver's Judgement under Side Wind Disturbances 59. Directional Dynamics of Multi-Articulated Heavy Trucks Employing Controlled Steering of Dolly Wheels 60. On Dynamic Characteristics of Wheeled Tractors 61. An Analysis of Running Stability of High Speed Railway Trucks Connected in Series with Elastic and Frictional Forces Working against Truck Turning 62. Improving the Curving Performance of Powered Bogies and Optimizing Wheel/Rail Contact Conditions 63. Dynamic Processes in the Drive System of Electric Traction Vehicles


    Milan Apetaur